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02 Sport Burping


October 17, 2008
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Bedford, Nova Scotia
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02 Explorer Sport
Have started to notice a burping / bubbling noise at idle " sounds " like it is coming from the air box but could be " echo " from somewhere else.
Anyone else have this condition and know what it could be ?
Truck has 4.0 with 120 kms and no mods.
Thanks very much and let me say to all this is a WICKED site !

my wifes 99 sport has a high pitch wine, the kind like air in the pipes at home an it only does it at idle . it only does it in the fall an winter time, once it outside temps warms up it stops.

UPDATE: Took off the throttle body plate assembly today and the back side was covered in thick residue along with the outter ridge. Sprayed it all down with carb cleaner and rubbed with a soft bristle toothbrush. Wiped it all down and put it back together....burping noise GONE !! and idle bump / shudder eliminated.
A very easy job