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'02 XLS 4wd 5spd fabbing into a trail rig

'02 XLS 4wd 5spd fabbing into a trail rig. Picked this 3rd gen up cheap with low miles after a lil incident with my previous 2nd gen.

Tarrant Co. TX wheel at Brigdeport, Lipan, Gilmer, Clayton, Alto etc. This rig is going to need some stuff done before I am comfy with her. Plans of doing a "........." upper and lower control arms and going to coil overs on all the way around. ".........." does not offer one, but not that different from the Ranger. They have access to a donor and in the works. Not mentioning Co. on behalf of there request. If it pans out then they will start production on a few. All I can say is the idea is to do 35" with compression, rebound and preload damping adjusting. Here is how she is now.



nice 02 xls i never seen a 5 spd before on a 02 explorer is that standard or did u do it urself