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'02 XLS - white smoke from exhaust when going up a BIG hill!


August 13, 2013
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Duluth, GA
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2002 Ford Explorer XLS
Hey all. The wife and I got back a few days ago after a nice 1800 mile round trip from NY to GA (averaging 20.5-22 mpg by the way ;)).

The trip in itself went pretty smooth, considering the Ex' has about 155,x.. on her! The only major issue was, once on the way down, and once on the way back near pretty much the same spot each way...going up a loooooonnnnggggg hill in VA on I-85 I believe, I let off the gas after nearing the top and a bit of white smoke came out of the tailpipe. At first I thought it was my eyes playing a trick on me, but when it happened on the way back, I knew something wasn't right. I checked the oil in GA and when I got home and it was only down maybe 1/4 of a quart.

Is this something major going on that I should be concerned about? We're making the trip again in the beginning of Sept to move to GA, but we'll have our pets with us that trip. I don't want anything to happen when they're with us!!

Thanks in advance for any and all info!!

If that is the only place it happens, try and find a detour around it.