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02 XLT Tire size

I'm going to replace the BF Goodrich Rugged tires that came with the truck 245/65/17 does any one know if the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 265/70/17's will fit okay? will this be a problem? Thanks in advanced, Craig

Miata Tire Calc

I fit 265/75/16 on my gen 3 explorer with no problems, search google for miata tire calculator and then u can see the overall diameter, etc.

If the tire size is less than 31.8 O.D. and not as wide as 11.5, then the tire should fit fine

Thanks for the input,

265/70/17 Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo,

Section Width - 10.43
Overall Diameter - 31.60
Sidewall Height - 7.30
Radius - 15.80
Circumference 99.27

So it seems like I'll be fine, the Tire Dealer down the road has these in stock so I'll stop by after work.


Someone's fit 33s on theirs stock. So you shouldn't have a problem with those.