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02Sport's Registry

So after being on this website for over a year, I'm finally an Elite (elite noob more like it). So I figured it was time to post some pics of what my Sport looked like and where it is now. I'm also including some poser shots for the sake of it.

Things i have done to it since i brought it home are:
Ditched the Side bar steps (of course)
Yakima roof system
Replaced the front sway bar links
Painted the ugly grey tupperware
and 31" Pro Comp A/T on 15" Rock Crawler Rims (Series 97)

Soon to come will include:
Rancho RS5000 series shocks
F150 rear leaves or WAR153 Shackles (havent made up my mind yet)
and of course TT will follow

And in the long haul:
PA-883 Body lift
33" tires
Rock Sliders
Custom bumpers?

I hope its worthy of having its own thread.


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More Pics!!!

Heres some math for ya... If you take the two smaller first pics and minus the the Roof bars and then add the side steps it will equal how i bought it. here are a few more poser shots at the trail today.


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received my rancho shocks today. should have them one after this weekend.

Picked up a set of F150 leaf springs a couple days ago. will be cleaning them up and installing this weekend.