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03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

I'm actually looking to do this exact swap.
Good info .
I've found quite a few wrecked 4.6 trucks
But I also considered a 5.4

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finished my swap this weekend, took me 22 hours straight by my self. However, being a (former) ford master tech and having a large shop with multiple lifts and any tools I could possible need including an IDS. I took a few pictures and will explain a few things later that will be very helpful.

There is only an awd transfer case and the selectable transfer case. They are not engine specific though. V6 and v8 are available with both. And neither has a true 2wd setting without doing a brown wire mod. They will all interchange also, the mounting flange for the t-case is identical.

Yep I learned that, As many as I have worked on I never noticed that the v8 was available with the selectable, so im stoked to be able to do the BWM and have a 2wd v8 when I need it. Now I just need to figure out if I have the 5r55w or S as it came from an 02

Will it just drop into my 03 explorer sport that has a 4.0l v6

Update It's Done

Ok I'm finished with the swap. you do not have to replace the whole steering column just the shaft that goes thru the firewall down to the rack. You do need to take the key and tumbler out of the donor as well as the pats ring around the key (the part that reads the chip in the key) this will allow you to use the key out of the 4.6 that is matched to the 4.6 computer. you could also have a key cut to the 4.0 lock tumbler and program the keys into the 4.6 computer. The driveline out of the 4.0 works fine and the exhaust bolted right up to the 4.6 y-pipe. the radiator works out just have to use the fan shroud off of the 4.6 setup. It is a pretty easy swap really as long as you have the donor vehicle there also and it is the same year and model. So everyone does not need to be scared of this swap it has been done!!
Cool I’m attempting the same swap but my 4.6 is from a 95 thunderbird