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03' Explorer limited; Seat Heater Button


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December 2, 2009
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2003 Explorer limited
My seat heater recently engaged and won't disengage. When I have the button depressed, the icon goes out and the seat begins to cool, but when I let go, the icon comes back on. Has anyone had to replace this button?

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Im not sure, i recently bought an '03 eddie bauer, and the glovebox had a spare seat heater button in it. not sure if maybe the previous owner had the problem and replaced it, or what.

What all did that consist of? My local ford dealers parts dept can't identify the part. Was it just the button or was the relay part of the module? Do you want to sell your spare?

i might be able to shed some light; in '03 they switched from a relay/module to only a button. Depending on the build date you may have the newer version. Check if there is a small black box under the seat? As a trick if yes have them look up an '02 if no box then lookup an '04. But i think they should be able to tell by your build date.

maybe a peice of the plastic that engages/disengages the heater snapped off so it wont stay on/off, only if you hold it, but i'll get back to you in about 3 hours after i get my truck back (new tires being installed) and take a look at the button again.

My 04 limited has the same broken switch. Does anyone have the quick cheap fix?

Our 04 EB had the same issue. Dealer took care of the problem as the truck was still under extended warranty.

in '04 it should be just a button/switch . . .$30 or so?

Seat Heater

My seat heaters are all screwy.

Drivers side: Button works, indicator turns on, no heat. (I'm assuming the element is burned out)

Passenger Side: Button works occasionally, no indicator, seat gets warm. (no idea)

I tried switching the buttons, produced the same results. I'm out of warranty, so I'd like to avoid paying the dealer to figure out the issue. Any thoughts? Are there a couple of "quick fixes" I can try before taking it in?

My question regarding heated seats is why they turn off after a few minutes. Other cars they stay on & cycle.

Seat heater button available at Oriellys auto for 21.95 lifetime warranty. My switch on the drivers side would illuminate for a very quick second then go out if i hit the switch real quick a lot of times and the new switch got it going with no problems.

Wired a small activation switch on drivers lower console so I can turn on the pass side. No reaching over to turn pass heat on.

So, recently my driver's side seat heater button will engage when pushed, but will not remain on. I've read there's alot of questions and wanting to know if there's a fix, so I opened mine up.
The green is the engage side of the switch, the red is disengage.
The small white triangle springs back and forth from one to the other to turn on and off. Mine only is sliding to the disengage side. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make the switch alternate like it's supposed to.
For replacement switches, the prices range from $30-120 depending on where you buy from. I searched Amazon, Autozone, Advanced, O'Rilleys and several other OEM sites. Autozone appears to be the cheapest for a new replacement (surprisingly).
Hope this helps some.







My question regarding heated seats is why they turn off after a few minutes. Other cars they stay on & cycle.
Yes, they are auto on/off cycle.

The small white triangle springs back and forth from one to the other to turn on and off.]

Hmm... so it's actually a mechanical toggle? I had always thought it was a momentary SPST like so many of the other switches Ford uses.

Guess that also means I can turn my girlfriend's seat heater off once I park, rather than unbuckling, stretching across the truck, and trying to find that damned button between the seat and the door. She NEVER turns it off. LOL

Can someone please tell me WHERE this damn button is located. I just bought a 2003 and the passenger seat is lighting a fire under my wife's tush. I can't find a button anywhere. Thanks.