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'03 Explorer P0775 solenoid?


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January 4, 2013
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2003 Ford Explorer
Not sure if this was the right place to start this thread, but here I go... I noticed flashing o/d light and hard shiftting from 1st to 2nd. So I take it to my mechanic and he scans it and comes up with code P0775 Pressure Control Solenoid B. I then replaced the solenoid block with a remanufactured one and... problem continued. So now my mechanic is telling me he "found out that most shift solenoid pack need to have the manual lever position sensor (MLPS) replaced with them. Part #5L2Z-7F293-AA. I am getting the feeling that I am soon to be replacing all the parts in this vehicle, all the way to windshield wipers if i keep listening to him. Granted, he is a good guy and he has helped me many times before and he is c h e a p. But idk if this will solve my issue. I am a fulltime student who works partime and also supports a wife fulltime in school. So yes, I am broke :):) Please help me rule out certain things and get to the bottom of this. Thanks ahead of time!

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Welcome to this forum! Your other thread was deleted because it's the same as this one. Did the mechanic check the internal wiring harness before he replaced the solenoid block? Did he match the block with an identical one or a similar part number? Was the block new, used or remanufactured? These vehicles have issues with the solenoid blocks & servo bores wearing out around 60K miles. You might have a servo bore issue.

Not sure if he checked the internal harness, but I would assume this would be the first thing he would've done. Of course, this is just an assumption... as far as the part itself, I bought a remanufactured one and it seemed to be the same exact part, but I am no expert. I have been thinking too that the problem might be with the part itself, but I am assuming this would not be the issue and that the part is good. It has 170k or somewhere around there. Since everybody have issues with this part, I am surprised Ford has not issued a recall, but then again how would they make their money, right? How would I tell if I have a servo bore issue and what's the cost for fixing that (+/-)?

The servo bores wear out on all of these transmissions because of the misalignment & material of the servo. Another option is to get the servos with O rings. They are an aftermarket upgrade that Ford should have designed but never did. One member on this site designed them, and sells them on EBay. Where did you purchase the remanufactured solenoid block? There is one place that sells them, but everybody has issues.

I purchased the remanufactured from a place in town called "whatever it takes transmissions". I am talking to my mechanic and he said the harness was the first thing he considered and looked at. He is going to ck the servo bore this afternoon and make sure this is or is not the problem. He wants to replace this MLPS part this afternoon. It doesnt seem to be a costly part, somewhere around $50 or so, but if this is not going to help and if this not the issue, why replace and waste $50?