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03 Explorer trans rattle .. pissed now


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
03 explorer 4.6 V8 ...got it back from an independent trans-shop , the rattle is still present and when the TQ locks up it goes away, still same as before . the shop said they replaced the solenoid pack and the TQ , but same noise is still present , the first shop said it was the TQ , and ..... when i put it in Drive the trans just slips real bad and wont move , i have to put in 3rd gear then back in drive for it to move .. i feel i got boned really bad ,, total bill was 1100 i only paid 300 of it .. pfft im pissed

: is this a Normal noise not to worry about and what causes it ?

: they didn't replace the PUMP assembly , can that cause this rattle

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bump :

I've got the same noise as you do with my torque converter. I talked with my mechanic and he said for me to wait until the tranny starts having problems before replacing all of it. He also told me that Ford has had more problems with the torque converter pump than the actual torque converter and that it's probably what's making all the noise on mine. I'm guessing since you've had the other stuff replaced this is probably what's making all the noise on yours.

well since they didnt replace my pump and they stated they will not work on it any more ill be starting a class action suit against the dealer and the repair shop as well..

NVM, id take it back and let them know they didnt do somthing right... they released the vehicle to you in this condition? Ive never seen a trans shop NOT test drive a vehicle...

they refused to work on it anymore they see no problem , when i t was returned to me the first time i put it in drive it did nothing , until i would drop it to 3rd..... i called the original shop who looked at it , they said the rattle was coming from the TQ area.... i told the 2nd shop what i was experiencing. they say replaced teh TQ and solenoid pak because there was a code... it still sounds like a Diesel truck when im driving, and there is a slight noise then u rev it up in idle in that same area..

what do you mean they refused? Even though it's in such bad shape? What crap!! I'd see about legal charges..

i really feel the TQ was never replaced , just cause the sound im getting ( rattle like in the 1st 4 gears ) then the TQ locks noise gone , the 2nd shop they are not goiing to go on with this issue , they claim there is NO noise well i heard it well as did my freinds and the 1 st shop did as well , ill be telling the dealer to replace veihicle with something similar or repair it at FORD or the deal is OFF ill contact the Finance company and tell them about my situation , basicly the dealer sold me a truck with a bad transmission , and this my be my LAST explorer ill ever buy

also will a cracked flex plate cause this common rattle in 02 to 05 V8 explorers
i didnt think so because when TQ locks noise is gone..

The TQ is bad, still...............

The shop I took mine to (a Ford dealer) stated that it was my engine. I disagreed and told the warranty company my reasons for disgreeing. The warranty company agreed with my and found another (and great) Ford dealer to take it in. It took them one second to determine it was the TQ and replaced it quickly.

I am guesiing, but I do not think the shop replaced your TQ, or they replaced it with a used one from a junk yard or something and it had the same problem.

"they refused to work on it anymore they see no problem"

You would be amazed at how many people think this is a normal sound. The dealer I bought my Explorer from told me it was a normal sound, I bought it anyway because it was cheap, and I had a warranty.

well thank you for that info ill print it and show it to the manager at the dealer that i will not accept this vehicle in this condition and take it to a trusted dealer not a roadside backyard mechanic ... besides i havent a clue where the truck is it was supposed to be released on friday , the trans shop saying they will not work on it any more well its sunday havent gotten a call from that shop or the dealer , i still have there loaner ( 06 Kia Amanti )