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03 Explorer whine when starting up.


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April 18, 2018
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Hamden, Connecticut
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03 Ford Explorer Limited
About a week ago i had the transmission replaced in my '03 Limited. Everything was great, until yesterday morning when I turned it on and heard this loud whining noise. It would go away after about ten minutes of driving, and the car feels normal as usual. I just dropped it off at my mechanic to see what he thinks. Based on what I've seen on here it could be anything from the power steering pump to a bad transmission filter. If anybody has had similar issues, let me know what you guys think.

Here's a video i took right after turning it on for the first time this morning.


Dude! You have An angry wookie hiding under your car.

Sounds like a PS pump, but don’t think those whine unless you apply pressure to them. So look elsewhere.

Doesn't sound like the typical power steering pump whine to me.

BTW some plastic-body Ford PS pumps just whine from new.

Transmission pump or clogged trans filter. Neither are good with a recently rebuilt trans