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03 fliptrac $700 daily driver (summer of fun with 4 sport tracs)

Its F150 IRS, 07+ sport trac is based on the F150 platform, no longer Explorer
I believe it still uses a 8.8 31 spline center section, the front is a 8.8 ring gear as well
We have often discussed using the front F150 center section in our Explorers and rangers because you can get selectable lockers for them
It's not f150 stuff, it's basically 06+ explorer based. I do think they use the f150 tailgate. One thing I'll say. There's a lot more space under hood on the 07+ Tracs and 06+ explorers. They use a wacky rear suspension that runs the CV axle shaft through the frame if I recall correctly.

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from wiki


The second-generation Ford Explorer Sport Trac shares the Ford U251 chassis with the fourth-generation Ford Explorer. As part of the redesign, the wheelbase was stretched to 130.5 inches (4.6 inches longer than the previous generation). In a break from its predecessor, the 2007 Sport Trac adopted the four-wheel independent suspension of the Ford Explorer; after the Honda Ridgeline and Hummer H1, the Sport Trac became the third pickup truck with such a suspension layout."

You are correct 4th gen exploder.....silly IRS

Thanks for the heads up.

to put it in the same category as the Hummer H1 BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA try dropping a 4th gen explorer from a helicopter and see how the IRS holds up

Just ordered new engine mounts from Rockauto, for an extra $5 I also got a new trans mount....not that I will be using it on this trac but it is nice to have a new v8 mount in stock. You can buyy two new anchor engine mounts for $48 delivered or the engine mount kit which includes a trans mount for $51........no brainer.

The black trac has been completely stripped, strapped down and ready for the crusher
Sad to say I scratched the crap out of the tint on the driver side front window glass when trying to remove it. I was hoping to install the tinted front glass into our sport trac.....I got the passenger side out just fine......then I had two beers and we had company over for fathers day....whoopsie. Otherwise I got all the parts I need off this thing. Oh and one of the rear Rancho 9000's is blown....dang! I was hoping to use them
I did get the whole body lift though :)

Time to start the $700 trac v8 5 speed build!! We need it, Bronco is in storage for a while, wifes FJ cruiser on borrowed time (needs front coilovers and fuel pump and........) I already fixed the front end on the $700 truck, registered it and insured it so it just makes sense to build it up real quick LOL build a 5.0 5 speed 4x4 "real quick" = awesome

I also was able to put a bad sohc engine back into the black trac frame and a old 3.0 block inside the cab, should help with the crush weight a little






say bye bye to crushy

Looks well raped to me.

I don' t need the doors they are holding a bunch of scrap parts inside!

700 truck in the shop getting prepped for 5.0 in the engine bay and ready for body lift
2001 with the 05 sohc / 07 5r55e getting detailed, running great
black truck going crusher

4.10 limited slip disc rear with alcans and rancho 9000

too bad rancho blown


my new leafs for 700 truck

700 truck getting prepped for 306 and 5 speed
First up change power steering line for 4.6 expedition line (can be bent to fit 5.0 like I did 07 Ranger)
Always snag this piece at JY if your truck doesn't have one



removed v6 trans lines
Added plugs for all open lines, ready for power wash

PB blaster all body mount hardware


body mount parts
soak hardware in atf

Time to wash and degrease the engine bay
Since the power washer wa out I washed 3 trucks one more blue one to do tomorrow

I’ve been driving this beauty around while I build us a sport trac. This is a 2000 ranger 4.0 we built for my buddy, we have since built him a better one so this sucker will be for sale soon


2000 w 06 conversion 4.0 ohv fresh heads 07 trans, coilovers, leather seats, custom custom lots of goodies

Then I washed the 01 with the 05 sohc it’s ready to go to detail and body shop


Then finally the $700 truck had its engine bay done all orifices plugged degreased, new 4.6 power steering g high pressure
Line lots of degreaser and then back in the shop


interesting thread here

and then this way

Still trying to find anyone who has ttb a sport trac ...baja shop has built some wicked A arm sport tracs
Web search never seen a ttb in one
planning my build for my blue 03 next year

A ttb sport trac would be cool. You also planning forced induction? 400+ Cid under the hood? Motor made out of unobtainium, rev to infinity?

2.9 with a a4ld! live dangerously...back to my roots!!

just ordered this sucker


hmmm whatever for?
you said 73" tires right?

What a roots blower hehehe
Someone turbocharged a 2.9 and got 535 hp out of it. It was in something like a 70s Capri that didn't weigh much.

DOHC cosworth 24V 2.9L

I would prefer the old SOHC 427

look ma no tensioners

That Cammer chain is only ten feet long.

That Cammer chain is only ten feet long.
There's a steel gear conversion available. The chain causes the timing to be about 14 degrees apart between the banks. Also, that motor will easily spin to 8,000 rpm.

Sold a ranger, that always feels good

We almost always have a truck for sale these days


Bought a used superlift from
My stepson, life is good




Took interior out of $700 truck makes it easier to swap body mounts body lift install clutch pedal assembly and convert steering column and cluster to manual shift


Floor was quite wet underneath, found the big rubber plug for t case wiring not in place!
Dry now





Engine bay final prep, engine mounts will be here tomorrow

New body mounts are here

I love the parts, all of them, the spares and new stuff.

How familiar are you with the Sport Trac bushings etc, versus the 4dr Explorers? I have a Kevlar Sport Trac mount kit I got as out of box, many years ago, for about $100. How many of the Explorer bushings are different, that I have to buy those unique ones to combine with the Sport Trac parts?

I thought I had also bought an Explorer kit to get those items from, but I think I waited to see if they made a Kevlar kit for the Explorer. So in the next year or so I'll have to work those out, when I get to taking the body off to do the underside body.

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Is that your Dodge pickup with the trailer that the Ranger is on?