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03 fliptrac $700 daily driver (summer of fun with 4 sport tracs)

It sounds great, plenty of rumble from the mufflers and not too rough.

I was pricing my near future refresh of one of my 351 Cleveland's, it's a lot milder now than I'd like(as a buyer). It's virtually the same as my first engine build in 1980, other than this one has closed chamber heads(so about 10.2:1 compression instead of 9:1). But the cam is mild, intake is a stock level Performer and I'm familiar with it, and I know what a strong Cleveland should be.

I'll go through it(take it apart) to be sure the proper oil system stuff is done, and the valves are not original etc). Then a roller cam will add over $1000 because of the roller lifters and cam costs, with pushrods and valve springs etc. I got an RPM Air Gap intake, which can support 6500rpm with the right compression, cam and valve springs. Headers will help too, this has stock manifolds on it now. I found the Holley box I have an old 900cfm TBI stored in, I have to do that just to get it to start easily.

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Billet roller cams need no break in thank goodness. This one has 10k miles on it already hahahaha

I would do it all over again just to get that exhaust note! I love it

Driving the truck a little now so far so good!
Bleeding power steering and burping coolant
With the large aux trans cooler as the power steering cooler there is a lot of air to bleed out have to be careful not to overfill, last time about half a quart of ps fluid leaked all over when I shut it off.
Hard work pays off!

I would love to do a 351 into a rwd ranger ;) and a 400 into the 52 Tudor hmmmmm

All the while this sucker will be our new daily, makes it easier for me to run around and build stuff


First up the new Bosch alternator was not charging! Found this to be a bad connection/crimp! Wild cannot believe it was bad? So weird. Anyways this truck is like that, it fought me the whole way



Anyways Re did that and it’s charging now

Next I modded the rear bumper bracketry so that the bumper could be raised up 2” to match the body lift. With a grinder, plasma cutter and welder I made short work of that.

Factory bumper hanger bracket

Chopped bottom of w grinder. Enlarged one hole w plasma, this is now the new “bottom” hole

The piece that was cut off is flipped side to side and welded on top, this became the new “top hole”

Bolt dealio Re used

Bumper hanger brackets now up 2”


Bumper on, now 2” up! Perfect
Also removed “buck commander”
Tailgate sticker finally

Onto the center console


Parts cleaned

Brackets installed





Second gear does not clear a white claw
It dented the can!!
I was celebrating the re do of this truck!

Shop Cats happy too

Now for the side Tupperware and a exhaust bezel

Some mods required to the body before I get the side exit just right

I have my old 93 Limited console you might like, they have a slightly different front part, the cup holder section. I sold the leather arm rest but saved a few items. Is that a 1st gen console you installed, or does it just look the same?

It’s a first gen console
They actually put these in rangers and sports for many more years after 94 too
I have a collection of consoles, tan, grey, and dark grey… it is the black one from the fx4 level ii and some late
Model rangers that is more

This trac came with a bag center console, which is similar but came with a canvas bag you can take with you. I have a couple of those consoles I think but no bag….

I chose this console because it goes with the two tone leather. The dark Grey armrest has the rear cup holders… nice for a sport trax

There were several versions of the cup holder section on the front, they all snap in place of one another so you can mix and match

Thanks, I only had limited experience with the 1st gen's, my 91 and 93 models. It's been great to discover parts from many years able to swap to others. I was looking at a Blackwood recently, since I see one locally sometimes. Those were rare and if you got one you'd have to be sure it had nice interior and other parts. I'd hate to have the one on eBay, it's high mileage(185k) and rough all around. I've wondered what Lightning parts would swap under one of those, the engine and suspension etc, wheels and brakes, to make a more fun Lincoln than the plain 5.4 of 2002.

I saw the production numbers on the Blackwoods a while back, and figured they must have sold most of them in Iowa. They didn't seem as rare around here back when they were new as the production numbers would suggest. I haven't seen one in a long time.

The Mark LT looks better and there's a few more of them out there


She has a hood and a new badge


Trying to sort out the ac wiring right now something fishy. As soon as the key is turned on the ac clutch kicks out
I don’t remember any of these trucks doing this before. The ac in a 03 trac is wired exactly the same as a 00 5.0 explorer according to the books so I’m is looking at the truck to find the error

Mine does it
I never noticed until I installed an electric fan
The fan module has a sense wire for the air conditioner compressor magnet
So when I start the truck the fan spins for a second and then shuts off and I mean 1 second
Always thought it was a test
The PCM is controlling it you can watch it happen on forscan under the AC clutch pid
Or just look under the hood while someone is cranking the engine


TQPONLY Brake or Clutch Pedal Pad (2 Pcs) Compatible with Ford Ranger Escape Explorer Mercury Replaces FOTZ-2457-A https://a.co/d/aN1vBNZ

Had no idea one was on sideways till I saw the pictures above hahahaha I fixed it
It was dark when I installed them

I sorted out the ac
It got a little weird
Because the 96/97 early 5.0 pcm I’m using had a ac wot cutout function
The later
Pcms dropped this
The ac system in a 03 sport trac the pcm turns on the compressor (via relay) when you select an ac function on the dash.
The ac wot cutoff used in the older pcm turns ac off at wot, it gets an input from the ac switch but does not control the relay to turn ac on.

So I Re wired it. My truck now ignores the pcm and it’s wot function

This required me to remove a + wire at the ac relay and turn it into a ground. Now when I select an ac function on the dash it triggers the relay and turns on the ac compressor
Clutch… but only if the low pressure and high pressure switches are happy. I ran the compressor
Clutch ground through those switches.

All is well!
I’m done with the conversion for now, truck is a runner!!
She needs some brake work (rear discs) an alignment and some tinted windows

Now I can focus on the 07 ranger full time…. I’m about a week behind due to this fiasco

Don't forget to tint the windshield also. The 90% or the lightest your shop carries, it will stop UV rays, so sunburning of you and anything the sun hits through it. I have that on my 91 Lincoln, it's been great, and also helps slightly with glaring oncoming lights at night.

We usually run a 7” banner across the windshield top
We typically run 5% tint on our rigs
Not much driving at night anymore

So you tint the whole windshield?

Interior is mostly together I am very happy. I had most of these pieces but my stepson gave me the correct shifter boot with cupholders and computer cover from his collection. I had to trim the drivers cupholder to Clear t case shifter. I’m happy it worked!

First up the ac re wire
To make the 03 ace work with the 97 pcm I had to re wire it to delete the pcm from the system. First the black/yellow wire at the low pressure switch gets put straight to ground


Then pins 30 and 37 on the truck side of c115 are combined, this is the ac on 12v from the dash controls usually heading to pcm and then back to relay. Now it goes directly from dash to relay bypassing the pcm

Then the ac relay is re wired
The red pcm power feed now becomes a ground and is swapped places with the pink/yellow wire which is now 12v+ from the dash controls
So now basically when you select an ac position on the dash the compressor
Clutch is energized as long as the low pressure and high pressure switches are happy. The ground side of the compressor is now run through those switches

Ground feed coming from low pressure switch is now the ground for compressor

Ac was then vacuumed and re charged. I added 3oz of pg oil and 32 oz of r134. We are using a new Murray compressor. Ac is blowing cold

Great work, and the details with pictures are excellent. I look forward to getting down deep with my Mark VII wiring to install harnesses from a 2002 Mustang, and the 2004 PCM with COP etc. I'm sure that will take me weeks to get it right, I also hope to install a GEM from a 99-01 Explorer(for the features protecting the battery and others).

I did the whole windshield yes, and plan to do my others when I get to them. I had a top strip added in a medium tint, I think it was 35%. That worked very well, it looks natural and is great in full sun.


Located the correct steering wheel cowls, no shifter hole

We have quite the collection of interior parts here from various rangers explorers and tracs we have crushed over the years also some I snag at junk yards.
I was able to put together the perfect setup

floor mat trimmed

Shift boot and mount installed

Test fit

Cut a piece of heat shield for under t case boot

Installed w self tapping metal screws

Cupholder trimmed to clear


Proper ashtray w 12v outlet sourced to cover hole in dash. Power wires from old console located and wired up
We have a completed swap done properly looks factory



Still troubleshooting speedo and I had to black out the abs light
Once the dash is together and truck is 100% it will get full detail

Nice, and I hadn't thought of that, where can I find a column cover trim without the shifter hole? I'll need one for my 98 project Explorer.

Also is that 6 CD deck easy to come by, my latest 98 the CD player has quit working?

Currently the truck will start in gear! Not good… so I’m wiring in the clutch switch on the neutral safety circuit… this way the starter won’t engage u less clutch is depressed

Sources the switch and wiring pigtail from parts collection. Much time is spent searching for these parts in storage or in the yard

Most tracs have the in dash 6 disc!! I won’t be using this one once I get a double din atoto, I think I have two of these
6 discs already, they are pretty awesome and they would plug right into your 98.
We must have Bluetooth and a rear view camera so atoto upgrade is on the list.

5 speed sport or ranger has the steering column bits lots of 5’speed rangers out there. These parts are almost always black, very rare to find tan or grey
Works for me as I will eventually install 06 ranger steering wheel to match (black)

This truck has become a “tribute”
Of sorts to my old 96 explorer let me count the ways
5.0 with cam, headers, intake spacer
Manual 4406
4.10 limited slip, rear discs
Body lift
Same wheels
Leather interior
This is why I chose dark blue for the intake color, same as my
Old Beloved 96 (I sold years ago)

Except this truck is better because it’s a sport trac, late model two tone, 2” body lift (3” problematic) I did the abs delete and it’s a stick shift ;)
better cam and exhaust too…
I absolutely love this truck. Drove it to town yesterday…. So far all is well!!

I will get video
We are on to other projects this thing will be so handy for running around!!!!

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Nice, I get tired of jumping radio stations all day at work, the CD is nice to go to when I tire of the bad radio.