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03 fliptrac $700 daily driver (summer of fun with 4 sport tracs)

@410Fortune That was a deal on the machines. Our circa 1974 Bear "K-Mart" machine has about had it. Everything is looking good!

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700’03’in the background
01 up front getting 05 sohc and 07 trans. This rig was gutted a few years ago I was about to put a v8 in it. So I had to work backwards here change the throttle cable and power steering line as well as the drivers side engine mount

Funny how things change now the 700 dollar truck is getting the v8 and the old 01 is going back to v6


Engine bay washed degreased and some rust treatment on the radiator support before sohc dropped in




First thing to go on is the starter/alternator harness for the sohc then the engine is dropped onto the mounts

This old hoist has dropped and pulled so many engines


Now waiting for some
Parts in town the fiberglass injector seats and a sohc power steering line

No manual tensioners ?

The new set of tensioners are now in! I was waiting for them in the mail

Ford used these round vibration damper weights in different spots on different ranger based trucks
I usually remove them from my rigs with no I’ll wffects
However there was one 2000 ranger ohv we built that was better w the transfer case weight installed back in place solved a driveline clunk

Got the parts for re seal of the injectors and fuel rail, new Dorman injector seats and 12 o rings

Easiest to just cut the old stuff off the injectors. With snips the old seats just crumble and with x axacto makes short work of old o rings

I put most of the engine bay together and then turned my attention to the under carriage

Don’t forget to clean the orifice tube

Trans stabbed, torque converter bolted down, starter in… t case hung

Then finished up exhaust plumbing wiring crossmember drivelines, serviced the trans filter and fuel filter..

Lower mile drivelines were used.

Engine is from 05 explorer w 124k
Trans is from 07 ranger w 119k
Everything bolted to them is from the 700 truck w 235k
Lots of new parts

Tomorrow she runs and then can start the v8 conversion into the 700 flip trax

Thanks for that counter weight info. It would suck if I removed it and had issues so it will stay!

I can't make it out, which side is the starter on? (The white truck?)

4.0 starters on drivers side right above the diff

Truck is all together and nothing from the starter!!
I have some wiring to do, putting a 03 sohc pcm and wiring into a 01 trac is not plug and play!! Job 1 vs job 2 here
I have some wiring to do at the c136 connector and the c112 42 pin connector,
Stay tuned!

This is all my fault since I ripped the drivetrain and wiring from this 01 about 4 years ago now it’s long gone

Wild stuff here so the 01 trac was built 06/2000 and imported from Canada? Strange sticker on the door
Than the wiring….
I have ranger books and explorer books and this wiring matches none of them? So I ordered a 01 sport trac book this am
Most of the wiring changes are at the c139 connector but also some on the c110 42 pin will wait for book to ensure I get it all correct at once

So that project was pushed outside next to the $700 truck for a couple of days

In the meantime I pushed another 01 trac I have into the shop to be completely dismantled this one is a real gem
The parts it’s giving up will go into the 700 truck…. After this I will have to change the trucks name because once it’s a 5.0 5 speed with a 4406m t case it would take a lot of money to buy it away from us….








2” body lift
Alcan leafs and Rancho shocks
Pcm tuned to remove the auto trans functions
Coilover conversion up front
Shotgun exhaust w side exit
New luk clutch
Was built, then driven a bit until it was rear ended.. that damage was repaired but it has an s title.

Oh baby!

Best part is I don’t have to build driveshafts or exhaust this time around and this was a running driving truck when I got it from my stepson who found it on Craigslist
All parts low miles too….. I was able to
Locate the forum member that built this rig so I got the info

6 sport tracs on the property and I’ve only ever got to drive one for two weeks! I’ve wanted one for 20 years!

Okay that’s a start! Add a zero and I’ll sell you a truck, just not this truck!
The friggin headers are more than $750 these days!!! Crazy

Okay that’s a start! Add a zero and I’ll sell you a truck, just not this truck!
The friggin headers are more than $750 these days!!! Crazy
Have you done a complete chain timing set on a 4.0 yet?
I don't remember if you have or not!

Have you done a complete chain timing set on a 4.0 yet?
I don't remember if you have or not!
im pretty sure he has? hes done almost anything imaginable with one of these!

Heck no I have not! I let my buddy Brett mess with the sohc engines
I owned one sohc engine…this one… for like two weeks before we ran it out of water and it blew

Before this I avoided them like the plague because I was wrenching on these trucks already back in 97 and 98 when the sohc came out….
I watched what happened to people who owned them and decided to stick with my pushrods

After having 3-4 a4ld in my bii I also decided to avoid the 4r and 5r55e transmissions

Now with that said I have worked on and fixed many many of these drivetrains. The deepest I have been in a sohc engine was through the Timing cover… I have fixed many sohc engines by replacing the main tensioner deleting the balance chain and components. I have replaced the front cassette once or twice and I have replaced probably 20 tensioners over the years. But to actually pull a sohc apart and do all new chains cassettes and tensioners… I have never.

If I had to pull a sohc then I replace it with a 5.0,

I have been spoiled over the years owning many many many pushrods (I have 4ea ohv 4.0 on stands right now) I’ve been collecting as many 4.0 and 5.0 as I could get
My hands on…
This last winter I was lucky enough to score
Like 5 good ohv engines after we bought one off eBay for $600 hahahahaha

I am more fond of the sohc engines these days because the later model ones have earned my respect after 03 or so it is not uncommon for me to see rangers with 250-300l miles on the stock sohc engine and trans… people who change their oil
They also make good power and get decent mileage
However when I finally decided to own one and see how far I could get it to go, well it was already too late for this truck,’it for sure had head gasket issues before we started
Driving it. I drove it a bunch for a week and kept checking the overflow for any coolant loss,
I saw none. So the wife started driving it and then kablooey! No water… the overflow was still full… the overflow tube was plugged. For the record I did clear that line once when we first serviced the truck. It must have plugged up again or the rad cap was just bad? Not sure.
Regardless she’s toast now and I have no plans to try and resurrect a sohc

I did just build a 01 trac with a 05 sohc…
Not running yet lol lol I am waiting for the wiring book. This engine came from a 05 explorer with 124k on the clock, lost reverse. Engine ram flawless before I pulled it and should be good to go! Will find out as soon as I have that book

In the meantime I’m sneaking a 5.0 under our hood

The 01
Trac with the 05 engine was Built for a
Friend, so my record continues.
I have owned one sohc engine personally and it lasted two weeks. Of course it had 235k on it and the head gaskets were
Likely already done

No problem
I love to talk trucks hahahaha

That truck wants a 5.0 heart just as much as you do. Will we get the obligatory burnout video when it's running?

5.0 with headers and a 5 speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4.10 limited slip rear
I live in the dirt
I could do some fun launches that is for sure
it will be 5.0 very soon, like 1-2 weeks if I can get the time/gaskets I need

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Black trac giving up its parts while I waited for wiring book

I hate to say it but I decided to crush the black one she is just too far gone
Roof caved in from heavy snow, frame repair in back and s title
The parts will live on in my 03 white $700 truck

Lots of wicked good parts. Door sticker says 3.73 open and built in 04/2000 it would have been drums from factory… lucky me this one has a 4.1 disc brake rear axle


I marked the tire and the pinion counted rotations. Nice disc brake rear and even nicer rear Alcan leafs



I love this exhaust setup! Wicked cool setup and well done w true duals, shotgun side exit (thanks to 2” body lift) and a crossover pipe
Will go into the 03 this way


Stock trans x member was modded to fit the 5 speed/ lowered and notched


Checkout the cool fox coilovers and adjustable brackets. Frame rails were completely shaved of stock towers


Obx headers!!


5 speed manual!!

The 4406m was leaking pretty good from the rear slip yoke seal also
Maybe some
Coming from the vss speed sensor hole. Since it has a vss we know this case came from a pre 98 f150.

Two more bolts and the drivetrain/exhaust is out

Next up finish wiring the 01 sohc trac with the 05 engine

Then I can finally start the buildup of our 03 700 truck. I orders energy poly body mounts last night. She will be getting the 2” body lift and a used superlift I picked up from my stepson
V8 5 speed 4406m 6” lifted sport trac should do nicely while I rebuild my bii and the wife’s FJ gets some
Much needed love. Also our 7.3 van needs a new frame and body hahahaha sport trac daily driver!!!