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03 Ford Explorer Transmission problem


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February 27, 2014
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Steinbach MB
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2003 Ford Explorer V6
Hey everybody, I have a Problem with my Transmission on my 2003 Ford Explorer 4.0L Eddie Bauer.
i just recently bought it and now i'm having some issues with it.
my Tranny doesn't shift properly and it doesn't shift into the last gear. It doesn't shift hard or anything, just a bit late. My O/D, check Transmission and service Engine lights are on. The Mechanic told me I probably have to replace my Tranny but i was hopping to get away somehow else.
any Help/advice will be appreciated. Thanks :salute:


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November 21, 2013
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1994 Explorer Limited
If you pull the fault codes from the computer you will get better info on what's going on.

Recommend posting the codes up in the transmission forum.

The problem is likely with the shift solenoids. Can be replaced without pulling the trans.

Much less expensive than an overhaul.

I wouldn't go back to that particular mechanic for any reason.