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03 limited Transmission Slippage HELP !


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April 7, 2003
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Virginia beach VA
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2003 limited 4.6 V8
i have an 03 limited V8 was sitting at a light with foot on brake and a little on gas, then i hit the gas ( NOT to the floor ) and released the brake i got halfway through the intersection and the tranny slipped real bad and shuddered, took foot off gas and coasted through intersection pressed the gas again and all fine no CEL light or OD LIGHT , yes the torque converter is rattling . it does wacky things sometimes it is a reman tranny truck has 113 on it , i was gonna re-tighten the bands , but in thinking more of a prob .. anyone mabey know why this occurred .

If it slips when you accelerate it isn't the bands. When the bands go bad the trans will slip during the shifts. You might want to check the fluid level also. Probably an internal problem.

would the solenoid pack or the valve body cause this ? the Solenoid pack was supposed to be changed 2 months ago , when i pull the tranny for TQ replacement i was gonna replace the Servos and check the bores and and maybe replace the pump i will proberly replace the fluid FIRST since the tranny shop replaced the pack and lied to me about replacing the TQ it could be improperly filled

i forgot to mention when tranny is downshifts under power it takes more than a couple of seconds to do so and the engine lugs till it downshifts is that a possible relation to the TQ since mine is rattleing not unlocking