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'03 Mach Audio Aftermarket Radio Install?


October 12, 2018
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
2003 Eddie Bauer. After some research is seems as though I have the Mach audio. The factory radio is a 6 disc, DSB button, and inside on the passenger rear looks like there's a plastic cover over a speaker, not a pocket.

I want to keep the factory steering wheel buttons operational. Attached is a photo of the products I was looking at purchasing. After visiting Crutchfield and a couple of other sites this seems to be the go to for wiring harness, and steering control module.

If anyone has done this before, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me what you used, and what all wiring you had to do.


Mom's Radio.PNG

I installed a Kenwood double din in my 2093 XLT with components bought from Crutchfield and it was very easy. If you make certain you identify all your current radio options on their site and get the correct pieces then you should be good shape. They will send you a proprietary set of instructions that give you exact order and what to do and it’s great.

Make sure you get your preferred connectors for the wire ends or be prepared to solder and should have what you need. I used simple crimp connectors for the small wire gauge I bought at Lowe’s and did it at the kitchen table. Basically that Metra wiring harness has bunch of colored wires attached to it. Your Kenwood kit will have a wire harness with bunch of colored wires connected to it. You will be following directions to join wire ends of like color and connecting them with a crimp or solder. Most are just two wire ends same color get connected. A couple will be for you to add the steering wheel adapter and the voltage step down but it will tell you the exact color wire set to add to and those are color coded too. Then once all your wire ends are connected, the Metra harness clip plugs right into Explorer factory connector.

It really is very easy and their instructions guide you through it. I also suggest browsing YouTube for some stereo install howto videos if you ever never done it and you will see what I describe above performed.