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03 mountainéer OD servo blow out


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December 13, 2020
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03 mercury mountaineer aw
Hello. I have a 03 mercury mountaineer. Did a servo repair fix about 3 years ago with the kit from J1E (I think) to stop shift flares.
Recently the cover blew out of the OD servo and had a major fluid leak and OD light flashing. I checked the fluid level on unlevel ground and there still seamed to be a fair amount of fluid left in the pan. The snap ring was half way off and pretty sure the cover was ****ed in the housing. I was able to align it somewhat but still couldn't get the cover off. Started engine and used fluid pressure to blow it off.

Replace OD servo with new servo ordered from J1E. Everything seemed to go back together fine. Drained and put new mercon V back into pan. Took it for a test drive and transmission slips out of gear shifting from 2nd to 3rd. I have to let vehicle slow and rpms to drop in order for 2nd gear to re-engage.
Am I correct in assuming 3rd gear is controlled by the IM servo. I plan on trying IM band adjustment today. Confused a little because from what I've been reading 3rd gear seems to be controlled by IM servo and my problem was with OD servo. Possibly some band or clutch damage from low fluid/pressure?

Any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes 3rd gear would be the IM band, not sure why you have a problem with 3rd after the OD servo cover failure, maybe just a coincidence.

Start with checking the IM adjustment, if the adjustment turns in more than 3 turns the band could have broken. If the adjustment looks good check the IM servo they can fail too.

I checked IM servo adjustment and it seems to be good after backing out 2 turns there was only about 1/2 turn adjustment