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03 ranger 4x4 5speed 4.0 cab swap


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April 1, 2016
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2003 ford ranger
I wana switch cabs. I have an 03 ranger fx4 stepside 4.0 5speed. What other years, if any, would be easily interchangeable. Maybe 02? Or 04? Also. Its damn near impossible to find a 4.0 5 speed. It took me almost a year to find that combo with the extended cab in the first place. If i were to get a cab from an 03 automatic 4.0, would that be a can of worms worth opening? My motor. Drivetrain and my superlift kit are all mint.. But the roofline on the cab is the issue and the doors have always had issues closing and sealing proper. Help..please...

The Rangers got a massive wiring change in 04 that likely changed some of the body perforations so keeping to an 04 or newr e would greatly simplify such a swap.

But, the cab from a '98 up could be used, if you strip it down to a hollow shell and build it back out using your 04 guts. Just "adapt and overcome " any issues where your 04 wiring won't lay into place.

I have an 03 not an 04. So i should stick with an 03 or earlier?

That is what he should have said. I don't know if this is important to you but 03 models got thicker windows and possibly some other minor changes to reduce noise. If you go with an earlier cab you will not have this "upgrade".