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03 sport lift


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June 12, 2012
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Western, WI
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03 sport, 83 stang
Hey i have a 03 sport 4wd im wanting to lift it with the ranger BL kit, Add a leaf, shackels and TT at 2 inches, Im just wondering if a 15 inch rim is good or should i just go to 16 inch with 4 inch BS, Or what Back Spacing you guys recommend i want the tires and wheels to stick out from the side a little, but not to much, I also would like to know if i could fit 33x12.50's on it witout trimming and no wheel spacers. :exporange

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im set on going with a 16 inch rim, But i want it to stick out and make sure i have proper clearances so i dont have to trim much if at all, Im hoping 285/75's will fit without rubbin

Please any imput would help

Well the bigger the rim you have the more expensive your tires will be. You'll have a little less bump steer with 16" rims but since tires are so much more common for 15" rims i would go with that. I have 15x10's on my truck but i have 35s on it. i would go with a 15x8 if I were you. Did you have any ideas on which rims you want?

Here's my truck as of last week

Would i have to grind my calipers down to fit a 15, What backspacing should i get to fit 33's without rubbing, or triming

No you don't have to grind your calipers they just fit. Get some 15x8 rims with a 3.75" or 4" back spacing. Those will stick out enough to look good but they won't stick out to much.

This is my explorer with 4" of lift and 32's with 15x8 dick cepek rims. They had a 3 5/8" back spacing.

Were did u order your wheels and tires?

I Kinda want something from kmc thats why i was leaning twards the 16's but for 15's there isnt much i like on summit, im trying find somewere i can get wheels for a good price under 150 and tires i realy like the general grabbers with the red letters, But i want something that will be good in snow, mud and do well with tread wear. I just want the thing to look nice and be able to do some wheelin cuz the way it sits stock its not very capable.

How ever i do like the dick cepeck wheels you had on your explorer.

Thanks ronin8002 I took a look and read some reveiws about treadwright.com, They seem legit and have good tires at a good price, I think im going to go for the backbone 305/70/r16 and run KMC Hoss'es with the polished inserts, with a 4 inch backspaceing.