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03 Sport trac with ranger lift ?????


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March 19, 2008
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01 Explorer 4 door
Well guys i have been waiting for a lift kit to pop up used. I finally found one. It came off of a 2001 ranger its a superlift. It came with all lift brackets plus..... the calipers, rotors, class 1 torsion bars, front drive shaft, front shocks both lower a arm, and one top a arm. So then i called 4wheel parts and ordered the rear leafs u bolts and shocks. I paid that guy 880 and 4wheel parts 450 exactly. Again this is going on a loaded 03 ST I m super hyped some of you know how bad i wanted to lift it. So here are my questions.

1. What are class 1 torsion bars should i just use my stock ones instead?

2. I'm using all of the ranger parts that he gave me anything i should know?

3. With the lift What is the biggest tire i can run on stock 16 or a aftermarket 17 18 20?

4. Should i throw a body lift on while im at it?

5. I have the 3.73 ratio is it going to be a turd with 33"


Thanks in advance.

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thanks for the input

From what I know, you should be able to run 33's with just the Superlift (4" lift). A 3" body lift from Performance Accessories should let you run with 35" tires. Keep us updated on the project. Sounds like it's gonna be a beast. Chad551 is running this setup and it's awesome!



i have the computer in the garage... at this point im already kicking my own as for not going with a staight axle...... i getting ready to drop the front diff right now

i ran into a big problem. the rear mount (superlift) on the front diff does not line up with anything?

help help

You need the Superlift rear diff mount for a Sport Trac. Make sure you let Superlift know you have a 2003 ST, because there are 2 different mounts for Sport Tracs. 1 mount is made for 2001-2002 up to a certain month in 2002. And the other is for later model 2002's up to 2005.

Use your stock Sport Trac torsion bars as they are the strongest.

Also if your spindles are for a Ranger then your larger Sport Trac rotors will not fit. You will need the smaller ranger brake rotors.

Your ST will be a turd with 33's and 3.73 gears.

If you add a body lift then 35's will fit.

Will the rear springs for a '01 ST fit a '01 sport