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03 Sport Trac

Here is my Sport Trac and some of the stuff I've done to it...Magnaflow exhaust is pictured here...

20% tint on the windows...


K&N air intake...

JVC head unit and surrounding area custom painted black...

Rockford Fosgate 10" shallow mount, goes under back passenger seat...

: Other stuff I would like to do,

-Body lift
-AT tires
-Black rims
-Another sub
-Xcal tuner
-Paint the outer gray trim black
-Paint more of the interior
-Maybe a supercharger, lol...

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nice sport trac u got there

nice sport trac. good idea with the grey trim. black would look much better

what type of paint you use for the head unit and surrounding cause mine is pealing out the paint, I want to paint it but flat color and grey,

lookin good thats what i wanna put on my sport 8,000k for my headlights and 3,000k for my fogs