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03 Whining Noise and Hard 2-1 Shift


September 11, 2009
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03 Eddie Bauer
Hello everybody. I'm having some problems with my 03 Eddie Bauer Explorer, automatic transmission. Recently it started to make a whining noise, usually it happens when I'm coasting from 50mph and stops after I get to about 40mph. When I'm pulling up my driveway, which is sloped uphill slightly, if I coast into my parking spot it will often start whining and if I don't brake hard it will shift shift really hard. I just had the the fluid changed at a local garage, they didn't have tool/equipment or whatever is needed to do the change for this goofy transmission so they just changed the fluid a few times. Nothing got worse but nothing got better. Should I be looking for a price on a new transmission?

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Welcome to this forum! It might be low on transmission fluid.

Thanks BB. Though I paid for a fluid change, it's been rainy here and I don't have anywhere dry to do it myself, it hadn't occurred to me that if they put in the same amount they took out and it was low then it might still be low. I guess I'll have to look for that little inner fitting or a hose barb tomorrow and try to check the level.

I used to have an account on here but I can't remember what the screen name was and I tried to use the lost password function to figure out which email address I used but I couldn't find it.

OK. I checked out some of the other threads related to this problem but I have a question that I couldn't find a clear answer to. It appears that my tranny does have the side fill hole. So I can open that , take the small inner plug out of the bottom and add fluid through the side hole until it starts dripping out of the bottom right?

Follow the procedure from the link which is in post # 4.

Well, I guess I messed up a little. I drove around for about ten minutes to get the transmission warmed up but when I got home I forgot that the engine must be running when doing this and shut it off. When I took the small plug out, tranny fluid was blowing out pretty fast so I started the truck up. For about a minute after that a pretty good amount of fluid was still coming out before slowing to a drip and I replaced the plug then. I drove around today and even did some light towing and no hard shifts. Could my problem have been from the tranny being overfilled?