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03 xlt v8, lowered w/ BellTech springs and sways, now front is 2" higher than back..

No problem. :salute:

Verify with the tech support what your numbers are supposed to be. The web sight is buggy. I can't select my options, and the pdf is a pain to search.

Good Luck

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so I called tech support and the rear look to have the right numbers. He also told me the front springs should have 7 3/4 coils, which they do. He is suggesting that I call stylintrucks where I bought them and have them send anew set out. I am a little skeptical this will fix it, but I can try that.

When I was under the front I noticed that on the passenger side, the sleeve type thing around the top of the spring apears folded inwards, like maybe its not sitting right, or caught it when it was lowered back down. Although it doesn't appear that the passenger side is higher. I measured all the way around on a pretty level spot and I am at about 2.5" high in the rear on both sides, and 4.25" high on both sides in the front. :(

Well if its not sitting right the installing shop needs to fix it.

I know they have 7 3/4 coils, but were you able to match the numbers?

What did sylintrucks say to your request of new springs being sent out?

Good Luck.

What did tech support have to say about the odd heights? Did they have any idea what may have happened or any instances of this before?

Calling stylin trucks today, will post there responce. Those are the same springs I bought in your link.. I couldn't see the #'s on the front spring, they seem to be covered by the sleeve rubber thing on the top of the coil..
I am going to try and see if the shop that installed it can fix that sleeve thats rolled in on the passenger side, and try and get a look at the # likely on Saturday, I get of work to late to make it there during the week..

good luck. :thumbsup:

I don't know how much different the front suspension is different in a 4x4, but that set says 2wd. So many variables can be the factor. hang in there and hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

any update?

It doesn't matter on the 2wd part.....they work for all 4wd and awd too. As I stated on *********, many people have had this problem with the Belltech. I would either try out a new set or switch over to ground force. Good luck

I wasn't able to get it in and looked at over the weekend, family stuff took over :) I am hoping to go in this week and have a different shop look at it. I don't have a lot of funds to work with, I stretched it to go for the lowering at the time, I am hoping to find a cheap resolution. Currently I am hopinh its just not installed right and hopefully someone can put it back together right. I noticed the sleeve type rubber thing on the top front passenger side spring is rolled in, like it may be tucked between the spring and where it sits. Maybe thats holding thats acting as a spacer..

If that doesnt work, would it be possible to cut the springs. Bear34 mentioned he did that on his 3gen mountainer with some eibach springs to get it settled right.

Well if the springs are wrong, have you discussed replacement form shipper?
Maybe the springs are just wrong even though they have right #s. It could see that possibility. Well if reseating them properly does not work , i think you should have the shipper replace them as defective or wrong.

Keep cutting as a no resolve option.

Good luck

stylintrucks didnt call back, so i just called them. they wanted me to send the defective springs back and they would send replacements once they recieved. thats not going to work, I dont think id get a mechanic to take these out, put the old back in, then put the new ones in once they arrive, without paying at least a few hours labor.

so the only option was to pre-pay for the new springs, then send the 'defective' ones back and they would refund the money once it arrives there.

they wouldn't just send me the new set and wait for the defective ones without charging me :(

so I am going to try and see if reseating these springs helps, if not then i'll have to re-buy a set then wait for a refund..

Aw well, i know itll get sorted out eventually :) I cant wait to see it done right.


Surprised they just won't send you a replacement first. Hey but it sounds like this will lead to a resolve.

Keep us posted

o many people have had these problems with it. Better off just sending them back and going for the ground force.....trust me on this. I know the Bell Tech makes it sit more level, but the ground force is gonna look much better than the way yours is currently sitting. Here is mine with the ground force:

Gorgeous ride!

Thats so cool, thats the explorer I have been using as my wallpaper and aiming for with the work I have been doing. Your ride is pretty much exactly what I am trying to achieve, except I want to go with the hummer like grill
I want to repaint it black, but cost being an issue I will likely just have my trim painted green to match the rest of my x.

the other thing I was considering was going with the mirrors like off a 2005 or newer. They are smaller and more squared off. Has anyone tried using the newer mirrors?

asimp looking at ur X makes me drop mine. I just bought my X and traded in my chevy trailblazer that was dropped. I told myself i wouldn't drop it, but looking at urs isn't helping me! lol
i might drop it later on, i have to see how my 22s look. I might not want to drop it as much

The grill looks more Jeep like than anything. I personally don't like it. But I know a guy that had one for sale. I can see if he still has it if your interested.

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Asimp, that would be great! I found one for 118$ new, so if he can give me a much better deal thatd be great.. :)

I am happy I lowered it, once it was dropped it makes it look a lot more aggressive being low and wide, the wheels look big now and the handling improvement is dramatic.. But maybe that could be due to the sway bars I had put in also. I just need to get it level.. Speaking of which, the rear sway bars are on sale for 91$!