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034x4's D44 SAS thread...

I think this is my first post here, but i've used this board for alot of research on explorer and ranger SAS. So i finally decided i should post my project and it's progress so far.

The truck originally is a 2003 edge 4x4. 37,000 miles with 4.10's/LS.
I had 3" body lift, fiberglass front fenders and cut rear fenders to have plenty of clearance for 35x12.50 BFG mudders. Made a trip down to savannah and on the way home my passenger hub bearing pretty much exploded. Taking with it, the pass knuckle, caliper, rotor, bent inner tie-rod, ground flat outter tie-rod. I already had the D44 in preperation for the SAS but with this, i decided to go ahead and start on it.

This is the ranger, in the beginning.


After the bearing failure, at 70mph on I-75 north...



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were they the stock springs ? oh, how much did those springs from alcan cost?

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Yes the stock height chevy's (he got from a junk yard) are on the back, the front alcan springs were custom made using waggy specs, shortened up a few inches and military wrapped on the front with poly bushings. Just about any custom made spring from Alcan will run you $190 a piece. I believe the front springs are about 7 leaf or so.

Here ya go reggie.

Got alot done today. Bed is off. Did the chevy springs swap in a couple hours and cut and flipped my shackle hangers like redranger4.0. Here's some pics. It's sitting right at the height of reggie's explorer. I might leave the body lift at first, and see how tipsy it is so i don't have to butcher the bed (read: if its too high and the bed needs to be cut, the bed will be off for a flatbed/truggy)







Sittin on the springs! no jackstands! (on the frame anyways lol)


Starting on my rear axle. Might be able to sit it on the rear axle and wheels/tires in a week or so here.


With the weight on the rear springs are the shackles binding on the brackets you cut out? When I did the chevy spring swap my shackle angle ended up being around 45 degrees at ride height. I am impressed that you are cutting up a 2 year old truck like youare. I sure wouldnt do it.

Make sure you box that rear hanger

is that a ranger 8.8 housing in the pics? didnt think the explorers had the neck down on the ends of the tubes.

Rockranger. Nope, i still have a good 1/2" or more b/t the shackle and the hanger.

redranger4.0. I'm definately going to box it, just tryin to figure out the best way to do it right now.

Yes, its an explorer 8.8.

Next week i'll be ordering some trail-ready beadlocks with centering rings.

I start my new job tomorrow. So work on the truck will slow down. Although now I am waiting on parts to get here again. I'll be working on it during the weekends and on weeknights if I get off early enough. But since i'm getting close to being finished, it's slowing down now since most of the fab "work" is done and i'm just sitting and waiting for parts etc. to arrive so that i can bolt them on. I'll still keep the thread updated.


Just gotta get it and the 5.13's installed and my superior shafts to get it and my rear axle will almost be complete.

Looks good

See what i was saying about the slot, take out the big block and you should be able to get a pair of needle nose and get the c-clip on the shaft.

Ya, it's plenty big enough though, i could do it with regular needle nose.

Picking up the other 3 TSL's tomorrow. Gonna call around and find a good price on a place that'll set-up my gears. Then pick up my spring perches and weld them on.

Good friend of mine, happened to have a dial-indicator and micrometer he let me borrow tonight. So i went ahead and installed my gears and detroit in the axle. Here's some half-ass how-to pics lol.

The disassembled axle.


The naked detroit.


Dial-indicator (left) and 0-1" micrometer (right).


Assembled Detroit (ring-gear and speed sensor ring)


Dial-indicator checking backlash.


Contact pattern

Drive side.


Coast side.


Damn dude, you're rockin' on this thing. Looks great!

Thanks j602.

Got my 15x8 trail-ready beadlocks ordered today...




Diff cover on (temporarily) and backing plates installed.


Anti-rust coat of paint.


Me, bored.



And yes, i still crank it up at least once a month and let it warm up!


I Know I Know!!!!

What is this?? Are you wishing it was a HP 8.8 ?? :p


Lol, i cleaned it off with the wire wheel and it ended up like that and I had sprayed it already before i realized it was upside down, O well!

All of my steering should be here tomorrow.
Should pick up my rear spring perches tomorrow also.

And later this week I should get my superior shafts and beadlocks in. It's getting close now...

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How much are you narrowing the bed by? That's gonna look crazy - wide front and skinny back.

Is the steering the only thing left on the front? Or are the superior shafts for the front?