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04 All Ford Nationals-Jun 4/6

I think Lizard's going to have a page reserved in the Guiness Book for biggest Liver in the World when he dies...Hell, they'll be able to sponge up one of the Great Lakes with it :eek: :D

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yeah... ummm... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp

heres an invite for another event for us explorer guys. Bloomsburg truck show july 7-9. the real show is saturday the 8th. i know some of my buddies from home will be coming here for it. ( i live next to the fairgrounds basically) anyone that wants to come up and see some real cool rigs, just let me know. the bars here are a great time later in the night.

Mwa ha ha! I finally got my stupid scanner to scan! :bounce:

yeah... ummm... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp

Oh, look at that! A volunteer for first pic has spoken! :D<--really evil grin

Damn Lizard, you really outta be more careful about where you stick your neck, dude. There's lots of sharp clawed critters out in the woods, ya know....


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    cat scratch.jpg
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I concentrated more on pictures of faces instead of trucks this year...rightfully guessing that everyone else would be taking shots of all the trucks ;)

Tex, you're gonna be the next 'jackass' I think :D


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And of course we can't forget Tara's graceful leap ;)


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Ben, you're insane! And you make fun of MY driving!


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Dave, you and your stupid bat.... I should get out *my* bat and smack you with it, punk@$$ :p :D Tuna thumping indeed.....


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    top o the hill.jpg
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yah, i have no pride at all.........

And y'all wonder why they wanted to kick us out of McDonald's....!


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1) Dave and Wolf
2) Kevin's new ride...just his size, too! ;)
3) Nice try mooning the camera, Bobby!


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    tex ass.jpg
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1) Really diggin the 'Stang on the right... something about that paintjob just looks really familiar....

2) That's one zippy Mach!

3) Woooo baby... Fell in love with the Meguire's F150 at first site! Hubba Hubba!


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    cool stangs.jpg
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    sweet f150.jpg
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Well ****, looks like I missed another one. I guess that's what you get when you slack off and never visit this stupid site ever...j/k!! It's not stupid...honest!

Looks like you guys got kinda wet and I am not refering to the pool. I miss those PB&J's and btw, the tuna joke is finished.....honest...you guys burried it DEEP.

WHat's up with this Bloomberg truck show? I just changed jobs, but I just might swing it.


1) Guess an Atlas II and a 302 can only take you so far, eh? ;) Kidding! You were cutting it really close to becoming a tree hugger there, Wolf!

2) FLEX!

3) Damn Dave.... talk about cutting it close...!


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1) More first gen flex! gotta love it!

2) Uhm.. Super Zukkini's winch might be pretty beefy, but you need to add a few thousand pounds worth of kitty litter to the back seat or somethin there, Jeff :D

Draper: "Lindsy, hold down the brakes!"
Me, eyes bulging out as the Zuk slowly slides toward Blee's Explorer: "I am! I am! They're on the floor!!"

3)ok, i admit it.... fug is my hero.......


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    tail light.jpg
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Hell, I took pics of everybody else, my turn to show off my handiwork for a little while ;) :p


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When we were horsing around saturday night I think maybe myself or someone else must'va nudged my camera a bit too hard, because all those great drinking pics I had of Marc, Matt, Serina (sp?), Tex, Meatball, Lizard, Blee and Wolf never turned out :( Guess cameras can be waterproof but not beer proof...

This is my favorite one, and gets place of honor in the ol' wallet for this year :)


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    group mug.jpg
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... still alive... bustin too much @$$ at work, home isnt much better.
Missed Ford Nats due to work/business trip this year but hope all that went had a good time.
The X is runnin rough (115k)... other things in life a little off.
Thanks for your support in the past, we'll see what the future holds.
Keep on truckin... or something? :banghead:

Wow, I look like a rocket in the first pic. Im still waiting for the videos.

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"Zippy Mach"??? Whatta description! :p :burnout: