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'04 Build plan and questions


July 18, 2021
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2004 Explorer XLT
So, my build plan isn't much different than a lot of those on here. But here goes.

BTF strut spacers and front upper control arms

1.5" body lift

Either 265/75 16's or 285/70 16's with 4" of back space, I don't want to run wheel spacers if possible

I am designing and fabricating front and rear bumpers, rack on top with a dedicated and lockable space for the matching spare and high lift jack, and other things as needed

Fully custom self built and installed stereo with 6x9's in rear doors, and components up front, shallow mount 10's either molded into the rear side panels or mounted in the floor cargo bins and covered with 1/2" lexan. Flip down screen for the kiddos with a DVD player mounted up front in the console in that unused space. Not sure on my head unit yet

Carpet coming out in favor of rhino lining and if I can find some, replacing my leather seats with Eddie Bauer or maybe even king ranch (big maybe)

Cargo net in the rear on the roof for blankets/pillows. And depending on how the subs are mounted, a removable sleeping platform for when the wife and I go "off-roading"

On-board air

My questions are:

Has anybody found upgraded cv axles, and has anybody ran air lockers front and rear? I have stock 3.73 gears now, but upgrading those to 4.11 or 4.56

Yukon gear and axle is the best way to go. I've tuned, and pushed the drive train(no failures).


give tate at yukon ,he's been a great help in all our projects......
1 888 905 5044 ex 5573

custom built axle sets..... not cheap