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04 Explorer NBX actuator, air door or drain?


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October 25, 2018
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Mooresville NC
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2004 Ford Explorer NBX
Hello all! Ive read a ton of posts and am now thoroughly confused, I’m hoping somebody can help me.
I have recently inherited my mothers beloved 2004 Ford Explorer NBX...with an a/c issue. During the summer the only way to get interior cold is to be on Max AC at level four. It seems as though most of the air comes through the defrost vents at the windshield.(although it doesn’t feel as strong as i think it should) Very Little Air can be felt blowing through the other vents. I have noticed it is wet under the passenger mat and at times condensation can be seen on the vents under the radio.

Now that it’s cold I have switched to Heat and although the hot air blows I have the same problem with vents. ( some strange noises can be heard behind the dash)

I’m assuming because I can switch from hot to cold it is not the blend door. I have looked at the actuators by the glove box and the arms move and do seem to be attached.

Im not sure what to check next....I’m hoping someone can point my in the right direction.


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May 4, 2008
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98 XLT 5.0
The actuator arm by the glove box should be for the fresh air intake or for recirculated air when the system is set on Max A\C.

There my be the actual floor register windshield register diverter control valve somewhere in the middle of the dash behind the center console.