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04 Explorer Rear Strut Removal/Replacement


January 20, 2014
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2004 Ford Explorer
I am having difficulty removing some of the nuts on the top of the rear strut assembly. There is what looks to be a jounce bumper stop in the way of one of the nuts. I have tried a offset wrench and a flex head wrench to no avail. I hope that I don't have to resort to cutting it out. Has anyone found a way to get that nut out?
Here is a link to a photo I took of the situation

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Messianic patience is your only hope. Hit it hard with some PB blaster and wire brushes, and try to squeeze a small wrench or something in there. I forget how I did it exactly, but I know it took some crafty thinking. Perhaps I tried to tackle it by reaching far from the opposite wheel well? Or maybe I'm just thinking there's more space with the 3" body lift I have. Either way, godspeed.


There is one nut holding it on. I could not get to mine. I had to use a "plumbers hacksaw" to cut it up to get to the nut. If you could turn the nut just a little, it'd slide out.


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there's no bolt/nut inside that thing, it's secured by the 2 bolts on both ends and the 3rd one is just on the opposite side.


The 2002 version is different than the 2004. I picked a couple up off a 2002 at the wrecker to replace mine. The '02 uses two nuts and is easier to get on/off. The one nut design is smaller. Probably a cost savings issue.

I still don't know what it's function is. I can't see any way possible for it to contact the body.

I concur with the cutting option. I had to cut that damned thing out, too!

I've done a bunch of these in the shop for broken springs over the years and never did one with this damper until I'm doing my '05 LTD now. I tried various flex sockets, maybe a 3/8" drive chrome swivel medium depth would have worked but I don't have one unfortunately. I used my air hammer from the front to devastate it, then again from the back angle to drive it forward and rotate it in towards the center. A 13mm gear wrench then had room from the wheel well. It's definitely there as a harmonic damper of some sort, and was definitely put on before the body was on on the assembly line. Engineers strike again!