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04 explorer xlt egg smell & car wouldnt start


April 22, 2004
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Old Bridge NEw Jersey
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04 xlt
Since day 1 My truck has had a bad egg smell and also sometimes smells like plain exhaust while driving on the garden state parkway here in jersey i became really light headed and had to pull over.. now this morning june 15th My truck wouldnt start then it sort of started but it backfired and a plume of blue smoke came from the engine, underneath the truck and out of the muffler i had the car towed can someone please tell me in plain english wtf is going on with these cars i had origiannly traded my 02 altima for this truck and now im starting to wonder if that was a bad move :fire: :fire: :exporange

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The egg smell generally points to a bad catalytic converter. If the cat was plugged it could have caused the backfire as well.

LOL the dealership calls me and tells me that ford claims the sulfur smell aka egg smell is normal until the car hits 5k miles or higher This has to be the biggest bull i ever herd I mean i am not a mechanic but come on drivers are supposed to deal with the sucker excuse i dont think so... so anyway oasis ford calls me and tells that they cannot reproduce the problem and wanted to know if one of there techs could take the car home with a monitoring system aka recorder i told hells no cause i know how that works add up alot of mileage drop the mechanics fat lady in my explorer along with there little tribe of kids and yeeehhaaaa dude the car runs fine routine... this is ridiculous i cant believe ford and the dealers dont address problems correctly instead they want the customer to completly break down before they do anything F**K OASIS FORD OF OLDBRIDGE NJ 5 STAR THESE NUTS... :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: <<<<<<

Call Ford's district manager; the New York one is Vince Kirksey and his number is (313) 845-6254. That should definitely not be the way the dealer handles the problem. Sorry to hear it, most Ford dealers are definitely not like that.

I am now at a serious situation the delearship is telling me they cannot reproduce the problem and that ford is backing them up on that decision i called ford motor co and they are agreeing with the delearship so now the problem is they are going to give me back the truck now what if i begin driving and exhaust comes into the cabin like it has been and i pass out at the wheel or something like that to the affect i crash the car or hurt myself or someone what do i do i tried the advice of calling ford manager i was given another number to call and now its a back to the run around do i sit around and wait till the the problem happens again because it will whenever i drive above 60mph thats when gases come inside the cabin and i have no idea why the dam car would not start yesterday but now it starts up normal Any ideas left

Call the district manager again and INSIST on talking to him and no one else. Make sure to be polite and respectful (the person you're talking to isn't at fault for the problem) but be firm in needing to speak to that manager. Good luck, sorry to hear it.