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04 Remote Start Help


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September 12, 2016
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2004 Adrenaline
Found a remote start module under the dash when repairing instrument console. Code Systems Inc, Ford part 2W7J-19G367-AA. Did some research, it is a two button remote start system. Dealer said it is obsolete and doesn’t have any info on the part. Checked common problem of hood mercury switch,but it is okay. Found a Ford installation manual on-line that covers a similar module and the wire color codes in my unit match, but the vehicle colors will most likely change since the vehicles will be different model years.
When I try the remote start, the doors lock, lights come on, horn sounds, interior fans will operate, then nothing. Truck will stay in that mode until I step on brake to shut the remote off. Dash Theft light flashes 13 similar to older “check engine” flashes.
Any ideas would be helpful.