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04 Sport Trac, replaced engine once already


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March 12, 2019
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2004 Sport Trac

A little backstory to start, we bought the Sport Trac new from the dealership (12 miles on it). We did the normal tuneups/oil changes and basic maintenance. At around 100k the engine decided to die on the way back from a vacation with no warning, the check engine light came on and 5 secs later one knock and it died.

Towed it back to local mechanic and he said piston had dropped (broke loose) and it needed a new engine. Bought a remanufactured engine for around $3300 and paid for him to put it in (2014). Last week on the way to work check engine light starts flashing and it goes to shaking and won't go over 25-30mph.

Take it back to the shop and tell them the problem, he hooks it up and it reads misfire cylinder 4, misfire first 1000 revolutions. He calls me today and says that it has a stuck valve and I'm looking at 800-1200 dollars total.

Yes the motor is past the 3 years time but it only gets drove 15-20 miles per day (5 days a week) and doesn't even have 24,000 miles on it.

I feel like this motor should have lasted more than 5 years (24,000) miles. I asked him to put me in contact with the vendor who he got the motor from but have not heard back from him.

Is it normal for these remanufactured engines to fail like this?


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October 16, 2011
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2004 Ford Explorer Sport
I too have a 04 sport trac wife bought brand new. Now at 103,000 miles. Hope that doesn't happen to me.


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June 5, 2012
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2002 Sport Trac
Replaced the wife's '02 S/T engine when the "plastic valve train" system failed in 2011 or so. Had the Ford Dealer install a Ford "remanufactured" engine. Engine now has 100k on it. So far...so good.