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04 Sport Trac XLT, fog light switch but no lights


January 17, 2005
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SF Bay Area
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'04 Sport Trac XLT, 4WD
I just bought an '04 Sport Trac XLT and expect to learn a lot from you experts. My truck has the fog light switch built into the headlight switch and it ill intakes when turned on. But, there are no fog lights in the truck, only the bezels. Could the lights have been removed? Any other reasons there would be a working switch with no lights? Finally, is the fog light wiring built in to the '04s? I have read yes and no.


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sounds to me that they were removed

Someone could've started my mod of installing a Foglight switched dash bezel but never got around to installing foglights. When you say there's bezels, on the front bumper cover are there holes where the lights go or are they still covered? It also could've been punched in the nose (in frontend accident) and they replaced the bumper cover without replacing the lights or with with an XLS cover that was foglight delete. I'd look behind the cover to see if there are foglight brackets, wiring, etc... If you can post a picture of the front bumper cover and behind the cover if possible so we can get a better idea of what's going on.

Here is a pic of the front of my ST, it is hard to see but there are holes in the bumper covers with black plastic covers on them


image by hlenoble, on Flickr

If you enlarge this pic you can see the switch, which illuminates when turned on (pulled out)


image by hlenoble, on Flickr

Fog light switch on a Sport trac Gen 1 is in the center stack on the right side of the radio! Your head light switch must be out of a older explorer

Fog light switch on a Sport trac Gen 1 is in the center stack on the right side of the radio! Your head light switch must be out of a older explorer

Not on the 04-05's. They have the fog switch integrated into the headlamp switch.

Hal, your front bumper cover has been replaced, most likely from a minor frontal impact, and the lights probably omitted. It doesn't match the side cladding and rear bumper cover. The wiring you'll find probably still in place. You can just cut out the fog lamp holes and purchase/install a set of lamps and be good to go.

Thanks Steve. I just ordered a set of OEM fog lights for my truck. They should be here next week and I will get them installed and post another pic. I bought a bed extender and trailer hitch already, and aside from replacing the radio or adding an aux i put I should be set.

I doubt the fog lights will come with the attaching bolts/clips. You may locate an Auveco dealer and grab some of these before your lights get here.


You DID look and make sure your lights weren't back there didn't you? Probably not or surely they would have just cut out the holes. A hole saw works great for that.

Good advice Steve. I did check, and there are no lights there, but the wiring is.

Steve, I bought the mounting hardware and the lights came this week. They are MUCH larger than the covered holes. Do you know what the diameter is for the correct size lights? Do you have any sources?




This help?

Sure does, thanks.

Just got my fog lights today and am going to install them in the next couple days. Zero wiring but have a factory switch (after doing a bezel swap). Two questions for the forum gods: what is the best method/tool to cut out the fog light covers in the bumper since mine didnt ever have holes, and can I simply buy a fog light wiring kit from autozone or oriellys or something? I havent ever wired lights from scratch before and these have zero instructions. Oh and these fogs have the led halo rings in them, if that makes any difference to wiring them. Thanks.

I wondered, looking at these fogs why the mounting structure looked SO different from what I know to be the mounting necessary in the bumper. So I took it out today to start the install process and guess what: Ford Explorer fogs not sport trac. Kinda peeved, looked at my order and it is indeed for 01-04 Sport Trac. They sent me the wrong ones. And it still took like 2 weeks to get them.

Thanks everybody for all the very valuable info in this thread about fog lights. I own an '05 Sport Trac XLT without fog lights and just bought a couple of them on eBay, but have no idea about the bolts, switch and wiring required for them.

Any suggestions on what to do next?