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05 Explorer AC not blowing cold: Low side high, high side normal


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May 16, 2015
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Washington DC
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2003 Ford Explorer Limite
Hey guys: I'm reasonably competent on AC systems, but this one has me stumped.

03 Explorer with 4L V6. AC was blowing ice cold, but then car sat for 2 weeks while I worked on something else, now does not blow cold at all. Emptied the system, pulled a vacuum and refilled with 24oz R134a (capacity is 34oz, so I'm a little light I know): still not even a hint of cold air. Nothing.

Compressor engages and cycles normally.

My gauges should be showing ~30psi low side and ~150psi high side, based on ambient temp and humidity. Instead, with the compressor engaged I see 60psi low side and 150psi high side. When the compressor disengages, high side pressure slowly drops while low side pressure never moves; neither up nor down.

I could understand a clog not allowing refrigerant to travel from low side to high, but if that's the case how would the high side have gotten anything in it at all?



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August 23, 2015
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2003 XLS 4X4 4.0L FLEX
Actually high side should be higher than that, could be a sign of a worn out compressor.

Replace the orfice tube (it's like a $2 item), pull vacuum then put in 3 12oz cans of R134a.

Mine shows 40 on the low and 265 on the high at about 95 degrees ambient temp.

Edit: I see your trim is "Limited" do you have a rear a/c system? If yes it requires 56oz (4.6 cans) not 34oz (3 cans).
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