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05 Explorer Eddie Bauer General Questions

Sean Quigley

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September 30, 2017
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2005 Explorer EddieBauer
So I recently purchased a prestine 2005 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition with 55k miles. And since I'm not used to having this type of vehicle I have some questions/concerns regarding the information panel.

1. Prior to starting the engine I get a Low Oil Pressure message is this because the engine is not running therefore no oil pressure is being read? It goes away once the vehicle starts and everything works fine it just seems odd to me.

2. After shutting the engine off a message comes up on the screen for half a second or so and says Check AdvancTrac or something similar is this normal? Because it's shutting off or is this telling me something's wrong and I should have it looked at? The dealership went over it and it seems fine no noticable problems driving or anything. I'm just curious about these messages. Any help is appreciated thank you.

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Engine off = no oil pressure.

This is the only car I've ever been in where it beeps at you and tells you no oil pressure.. The engine is running 0 RPM, of course there is no oil pressure! It's a ford thing... :crazy:

Yea that's what I thought. Just seemed so strange to me lol.

What about the Check AdvancTrac thing when shutting off?

Since the EB is new to you, I would reccommend you getting ab OBD scanner (I have a Scantool OBDlink that connects through USB) and download the Forscan software. The most accurate way of knowing if the indicator light denotes a problem is to scan for trouble codes.
I have been a Ford guy for years and bought my 2005 EB in 2012. I love it almost as much as the 2007 F150 that I traded in on it.

Sean, does the AdvanceTrac pass during system test at the info center?

Sean, does the AdvanceTrac pass during system test at the info center?

Yes it does and it seems that it only shows up when turning off intermittently. For the last couple drives I've had it hasn't shown up.

You're all good.
Best wishes.

Also be advised that after clearing codes with a scantool, you will see that message when you restart the truck.