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05 explorer V6 Torque Converter troubleshoot

Ant pena

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October 26, 2017
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Fort worth tx
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05 explorer
05 explorer V6 w/ RSC 185k miles with trouble not catching any gears. This issue started when it was parked on a sharp inclined driveway. It wouldn't catch any gears ( like its in neutral ) after running ok. I did notice a little slipping in gears but it was very sporadic before this issue popped up. Mechanic asked me to let it warm up for 15 mins while in drive and rev the engine slightly with the parking brake engaged since it was basically in neutral. After it warmed up it seemed to gradually catch a gear and drove home fine.

It did this the next day on level ground and was pulled 2 miles while on and in neutral. After arriving at a safe place it shifted into gear as if nothing was wrong and drove home fine.

The next day it stops catching any gears and now nothing. Engine runs perfectly, this is a rebuilt trans with about 60k on it. I have checked the fluid in it and my mechanic is saying its a bad torque converter is his best guess without dropping it.

This truck looks new and is a 2nd owner. I'd love to keep it as everything works flawlessly in it. Any help is appreciated in advance.

Can't help much, but sounds like the tranny is on the way out. Make sure fluid level is correct. I hear they are finicky. Maybe a solenoid pack? Band adjustment might help.