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05 G3 4x4 LTD - Turn signals, brake lights, dash lights acting up


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July 25, 2009
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2005 Limited
Very odd situation discovered today, no clear faults, here are the symptoms

1. Ignition off and lamp switch off - flashers work
2. Lamp switch off - brake lights work, now...
3. H/L switch turned to on, >>>Brake lights do NOT work
4. Turn signal left - flashes rapidly, both bulbs working, but when headlamp on (AUTO) the right lights go out when the left turn signal turned on
5. Turn on right signal, dash light is solid, no flashing
5. Now with the left flashing, the ODD thing is the dash lights, and the climate control DATC panel lights flash.

Just crazy, any ideas ???

Adding more detail:
Headlamp switch off:
Brake lights work - when you do the the cluster and climate module lights flash on/off with the pedal pushes.


Here is the basic start - lights off, if you turn the flashers on, the cluster lights flash - the door chime rings to same on off with the flashers.

Another symptom - all off, just press the brake pedal starts the door chimes.

All fuses in the PDB under hood are verified OK, what do the relays do?

Pulling those don't stop anything though they seem to have clicking.

The White/Blue BOO switch, disconnecting that doesn't do anything.

There is a Yellow capsule on the brake pedal arm, pulling that stops the lights, but if you push the hazard switch, the chime cluster light interval starts over.

cannot upload a video...

all caused by a $5 pair of rear led, never say never again and its never again