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05 Sport Trac brake problem


January 23, 2010
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1998 Mercury Mountaineer
Hello, I have an 05 Sport Trac with a serious brake problem. My front passanger side caliper is locked up onto the rotor and won't release. The real problem is it just did that and I bought and replaced the caliper with a new one two weeks ago. When I changed it out last time I also replaced the brake pads and rotors on both sides on the front and just the new caliper on the passanger front side, which is where the problem is again. I also flushed and rebled the whole brake system with fresh brake fluid. During those two weeks it worked fine with no signs of problems but all the sudden it locked up again. The way it feels is if I had engaged the emergency brake on that wheel. Could I have just gotten a bad caliper or is there any other problem I should be looking at?

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Unscrew the hose from the caliper and see if it releases. Sounds like the inside of the hose has come apart and blocking the return of the fluid. Not uncommon problem but it is for an '05. If that doesn't release the piston pressure it's a bad caliper, binding internally.

Well now I went out and messed with it some more. It unlocks when I go in reverse and stays that way until I put it in drive and as I am moving forward I hit the brakes and than it locks up again and won't release until I put it in reverse and drive backward again. I will check the brake line like you mentioned tonight as well.

That's crazy........ If it was drum brakes I could understand that. Are you SURE you seated the caliper back into the mount correctly, and it's not loose on one end and binding?

I would ck over wheel bearings, caliper brackets etc.