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05 sport trac dash noise (vacuum leak)


February 14, 2009
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i have what sounds like a vacuum leak in the drivers side dash of my 05 sport trac. the noise comes and goes, it doesn't matter if the heating/ac sysytem is on or off. the noise gets worse while i am idleing and then when i drive it quiets down. the noise isn't constant and when it finally stops there is a click or snap noise, (the noise is similar to the noise a manual vent would have made on older vehicles when you closed them). any one have any ideas? i don't want to take it to the dealer as i know how problems that come and go are hard to locate. thanks:usa:

Same Symptoms


I know this is an old thread, but I have exactly the same issue on my 04 Sport Trac. The vacuum noise comes and goes and is under the drivers side of the dash. It doesn't matter if the AC/heating system is on or not. Seems to be worse in the winter as things contract. Your thread is the only one I find with the same symptoms.

Did you find a solution to your problem? Thanks!

Vac leak

Unfortunately i have never found a resolution. I took it to the dealer and after me having to take the tech for a ride as he didnt hear the leak, he acknowledged the leak. But the dealer has not been able to pinpoint the problem, nor have they been able to get an answer from ford. I have gotten so used to it that i hardly notice it anymore. I do agree that it is worse when its cold out. Sorry i couldnt help.

My '05 does the same thing as well. I assume it is normal?? I think I read somewhere there is a "check valve" in that area that may be the source of the noise, but I have not spent enough time looking under the dash to see. Whatever it is it does not seem to affect any performance of the truck or the climate control system.