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'05 sport trac keyless entry


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January 13, 2009
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Nixa, Missouri
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'05 Explorer Sport Trac X
I just bought an '05 Sport Trac and need to find the keyless entry code. Apparently, Ford has used a bunch of different locations, and most of the info I have found has been for older vehicles. Anyone know exactly where it is for an '05 ? I hate to start taking off panels at random. Thanks.......

You won't find it. You'll have to take it to a dealership and have them pull it up with their computers. Be nice and they may do it for free

Hey, I'm going to answer my own question. I tried something I had read earlier, and it worked perfectly ! Remove the plastic trim over the defroster vents ( a butter knife worked great, and after the first tab, the rest popped loose easily ). Raise the passenger side wiper out of the way, and look thru from outside the vehicle ( you'll need a flashlight ). There's a white plastic box under the dash, with just enough room to read the top if you get a good angle. It says FORWARD on the left side of the box, and to the right of that is the 5-digit entry code. The defroster trim piece went back on easily, and I didn't have to spend my money at a dealership.

hmm...learn something new everyday