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06 Eddie Bauer 4x4 noise


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February 28, 2011
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Berwick, PA
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02 XLT
I currently have an 02 XLT 4.0 4x4 and I am test driving some newer Explorers looking to buy something a little newer. The other day I drove an 06 E.B. with about 57000 miles. On the first test drive I hit the 4x4 high button (on a dry road) and nothing happened. No indicator light or anything. When we got back to the lot I tried 4x4 low and that engaged fine. The dealer took it back into the shop and called me a few days later. They said the speed sensor needed to be calibrated. Does this make sense? I went back and drove it again, this time when i hit 4x4 high the light came right on and everything felt fine. Then I took it into a snowy field to try the 4x4. In 4x4 high when I would accelerate, there was a whirring or light grinding type sound from the front wheels. It did not make this noise when in 4x4 on dry ground...it seemed like it was only when the front wheels were spinning in the snow. Also there was no difference between 4x4 high and 4x4 auto. The took it back into the shop again and checked it out and said it was a normal noise and everything was working fine. Does anyone have an thoughts
on this? I am comparing it to my 2002 which is totally quiet in 4x4.

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maybe the previous owner had done something to vehicle that the dealer didnt check when he traded in the vehicle...sometimes dealer are stupid, my friend traded his 97 mountaineer cause the rear differential was going, and sales person comes back he is like everything is good with vehicle, and made a trade for a newer vehicle

my 2008 makes the same noise , dealer said its normal, I was skeptical. I compared it to a brand new 2010 and indeed it made the same noise , I guess it is normal.

So your 2008 is quiet in 4 wheel when going down the road...but makes noise if the front wheels are spinning? Thanks for your help!

perfectly quiet going straight , when turning even on ice / snow it has a whirring
humming type noise. Did not sound normal to me until i compared it to another
truck which made the same noise.