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06 ex stalls when engaged into drive


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February 18, 2011
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06 explorer xlt

got one that is really stumping me here. wife calls me this morning to tell me that when picking up my son from headstart that the explorer "chugged' and died rolling into the parking space. she put it into park, restarted the engine, after picking up my son dropped it into reverse backing out of the space. upon engaging drive, engine stalls again. absolutely dies when put into any forward gear. does not die out in reverse, park or neutral. ran my pro scan tool on it and no codes. none at all. a little bit of history: 4.0, transmission had been replaced about 4000 miles ago with a reman. had an issue immediately regarding trans range sensor on the side of the transmission. replaced and its been smooth sailing ever since. until now. what gives? I don't believe it's an IAC issue because it only does it in forward gears. possible tcc solenoid issue? does the tcc engage in all gears including reverse? is there a way to test the tcc solenoid with my maxidas scan tool? and if so what parameters am I looking for? thanks gents for any info you can give!!

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stupid of me to ask if the tcc solenoid operates in all gears. of course it doesn't because the duty of a tcc solenoid is to engage/disengage in high gear to lock it 1:1 with the transmission right? if there was a malfunction regarding lockup, would it not stall the engine at idle? any info, any at all is greatly appreciated!

The TCC solenoid on the 5R55E transmission can fail and cause the converter to engage when selecting drive.

Its fairly easy to replace once you get the pan off.

If it still happens after the solenoid replacement the next thing to look at is the converter clutch shift valve in the valve body, (its the valve that the solenoid controls), if its stuck it can cause this too.

You might be able to move the valve with a pick when the solenoid is out because it is directly behind it.

5R55E Solenoids.JPG

Thanks for the reply back. Actually, my transmission is the 55s. I assume one of the solenoids in the pack is the tcc. I would be curious to know if I can manually disengage this.

My tranny guide shows the 5R55E was a option still in 06 as well as the 5S and I have had personal experience with the 5E having this issue in the shop but have yet to see it in the 5S/W/N.

I checked in a info data base that I have and found a mention of the 5S converter stalling the engine and the solution was to replace the solenoid block. This should fix you right up.

The block can be a little pricey and I would recommend only a new OEM one. They have other issues anyways so replacing it is worth it along with a fluid and filter change.

Here is a picture to keep this thread consistent.

Remove the 7 torx bolts marked with B and the one marked A. Also dont forget to remove the case connector on the outside before removing the solenoid block.

5r55s-w solenoid.JPG

thanks for the info! quick update. i went to my father's where it is currently parked to try a theory i had. i was thinking that if i pulled it down into 4lo and put it into drive that it would put the gearing low enough to take off. presto! lurched out of the hole but took off. does this prove the theory that the converter is indeed in lockup? the transmission is still under warranty, but the dude lives about 120 miles from me. is there a way to test the tcc solenoid while still in the vehicle to check for a malfunction? i would hate to change the solenoid pack to find out the converter is shot (which by the way is a brand new converter). decisions, decisions.....

It's been a long time but figured I would finish this thread. I have about 8000 miles on the tranny since this problem arose. Turns out the tcc solenoid was stuck keeping the converter locked in o/d. New solenoid pack cured the issue. I pulled the solenoid pack doing a simple test of the solenoids via an old harness and a battery. Ohm testing of each solenoid confirmed the tcc solenoid was inoperative.