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06 Explorer: Locked out


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December 13, 2008
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Smiths Station, Alabama
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2006 Explorer
I am locked out of my '06 Explorer. The key fobs do not work nor will the key unlock the door. Any ideas/thought about how I can get in without having to call a tow truck?

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Is the battery dead? You can charge it through the trailer harness if you have one.

welcome and sux bout that ur locked out of ur x

how come the key isn't working? Key should work no matter what.

how come the key isn't working? Key should work no matter what.

Better yet it has been a day and a half with no follow up of why the key would not work and how he got in if he got in. If he has not gained entry to the vehicle yet somebody get him a brick.

Locked Out!

Thanks for the responses. The Battery was, indeed, dead. However, at the time all doors were locked and the key would not actuate the door locks. I am not sure if the temp, low 30's, had something to do with that or if the battery just needed a little time to "juice up".

At any rate, after contemplating what to do while all my buddies were in a deer stand freezing, I went back a little later and the drivers side door was unlocked. How strange, I thought. Well by that time our local Ford dealer service department was awake and hard at work. They also suggested that I check out the battery.

I replaced the battery, which seems to have resolved the immediate issue. I still don't know what caused the battery to go down, nor do I understand why the key would not actuate the locks.

Again, thanks for the responses. Have a great Ford Explorer day!

Locked Out

It was as if I was using the wrong key. I have not talked to the dealer/service department about this. I can only assume that the batter/system needed enough time to charge the locking system, to allow the drivers side to unlock itself, to allow access.

Otherwise, I would have had to have it towed to the dealer to fix. I didn't know, as someone suggested, that the battery could be charged through he wiring harness. Does it matter what type of harness is being used?

Thanks: all helpful hints if there is a next time.

Locked out.

It was in the lower 30's. Although it may have been cold enough, I don't think the locks were frozen.

How long was the truck sitting for? I think there is a "un-known" battery drain issue, but it takes upwards to 4 or so days before it kills the battery.

As for the lock issue. I know my door lock is hard to unlock also with the key. More than likely its due to the teeth getting worn on the key and the key cylinder never being used.

05 and up i beleive have electronic locks. IE, when you put the key in the door its a switch now instead of turning an actual lock. ANother smart idea by Ford.