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06 Mountaineer AC issue


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September 22, 2007
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'02 XLS
Hey all,

So fired up the AC on my 06 mountaineer for first time this season and no cold air. So far I've determined I'm not getting voltage at the compressor clutch ( compressor clutch turns freely when engine is off). Low pressure switch has voltage and continuity telling me that system is pressurized. At this point i'm thinking compressor clutch relay in fuse box but I dont have a diagram for whats what in there. Any thoughts?

Pull the heat shielding off the connectors at the clutch and verify that you don't have a break in the wires that feed the compressor clutch. From the manual the AC clutch is fuse position #35 - 10A in the PDB (power distribution box) under the hood.

Here is where you can get the fuse diagrams that are in the owners manual: http://www.fleet.ford.com/partsandservice/owner-manuals/
starts at page 250

Did you add refrigerant since the last time it was working?