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06 Mountaineer Dome Light Wiring Issues


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October 11, 2015
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New Jersey
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Somerdale, NJ
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2006 Mountaineer Luxury
Hello Everyone,
Long shot that anyone can help but this is the best place to try. I have an 06 mountaineer that I've had for about a year. The dome lights never came on or worked when opening the doors. I just assumed it was the bulbs but changing them didn't help. I notice the common issue of water collecting in the front map lights after a bad rain storm, I was able to fix that by blowing out the sunroof drains.

What I realized was the previous owner installed an aftermarket remote keyless entry system called Avital 3100. I can get the dome light to go on for a minute or so by using the light switch that would normally dim interior lights and turn on puddle lights but they are pretty faint and when my headlights are on don't work at all.

Is it possible that this was wired incorrectly and preventing interior (dome and map lights) from working? I'm pretty good with the mechanical aspects of the truck but electrical is not something I'm well versed in. Any help would be appreciated.