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06 Mountaineer feels like hesitation when accelerating uphill, lose pwr


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February 25, 2015
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Arlington, VA
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2015 Ford Explorer Base
Hi there, I am new on here, and I am having problems with my 06 Mercury Mountaineer. When I accelerate uphill or try to accelerate to pass someone, it feels like I am hesitating or cannot get the power I need to do so. I have serviced my Throttle body, replaced the spark plugs, wires, and box, new batt, new alternator, changed rear and front diff and fuel filter. Not sure what else, I also have a closed transmission, no dip, nothing leaking.

Also, I have a loud noise coming from the front of my car when driving freeway speeds, changed the brakes and rotors, could it be that my wheel bearings need to be replaced?

Thanks for all the help and support, trying to do as much as we can ourselves.

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If you loose power going uphill, it's probably timing related.

I assume you have v8, how many miles ?
Any noise from the front of the engine ?

About the noise in the front - check the stabilizer links, they tend to break frequently.

It is a V6 with 133,000 miles on it

I believe the stabilizer links were checked when they fixed my sway bar changed my diff fluids, both front and rear. Nothing noted on my check list of things that needed attention from the dealer. I had work done recently, this problem with the noise at freeway speeds was not one of the major issues we needed resolved. We replaced the tires, and rotors, and brake pads, the next thing is the wheel bearing hubs I am guessing?

Just confirmed stabilizer links/bushings were checked and they are good. I have had my diff fluids changed as well as my transfer case fluid done. Shocks, ball joints/control arm, powertrain mounts/supports were all checked and were good as well. Wheel bearings and hubs not done yet.