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06 Ranger 5r55e carnage help


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March 4, 2007
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..This is an 06 Ranger Sport 2wd which belongs to my buddy's boy...After I talked his dad into getting him a 93-97 Ranger for his first truck, he went out and bought him this with 27,000 miles on it instead...

...It just got towed home from Huntington Beach and I need to find out the problems, get them fixed, and they will sell it as his Dad is not a happy camper right now with his boy...:rant:

...The boy has no idea what happened but he thinks the tranny may have a problem...:scratch:...He just got back from a trip with his mom to Yosemite and all of a sudden the Ranger was leaking fluid from somewhere...:rolleyes:

...Initial inspection on fluids...

Tranny fluid = fresh, no burnt smell, on full without running
Power steering = real milky and real low
Radiator = topped of and watery with min. color at all
Oil = almost black but full

...I climbed under the truck to find one rear mudflap gone, 1 chewed up, and the exhaust gone from behind the last cat...

...I next noticed the drive shaft had a good dent..


...Which led me to this which brought me to posting here...The tail housing is missing a chunk...


Is it right to think that this section can easily be replaced???
Besides dropping the pan, is there anything else I should look into or be aware of???
How much is a tail housing for a 5r55e???

I am not familiar with the long single drive shaft but I wouldn't think it's really damaged but I think the hit to it is what broke the tail housing..:dunno:

..I am trying to get some info if he tried to drive it afterwards with no fluid..

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...I just checked for codes and the only one I could find was a random misfire when he was doing 95 mph...:rolleyes:

was the 95 on the ground:D

Put it his driveway till the kid can pay to fix it. OR make the kid fix it. If your gonna play that way, you got to know how to fix your own stuff. It makes you think a little more....

ooww that sandy hill looks fun for my 2wd. (thought: do I want to spend next weekend replacing my clutch, when I could be spending time with a hot chick?)

...If the dad talks to the kid right now, there will be 1 less mouth to feed in that house...

..I called all the JY's and they want $100 or so but nobody has any...I did find one used 06 5r55e tranny for $750...

...I also called a race tranny shop who turned me on to a place that supply's their new replacement parts...It looks like I can get that, the bearing, gasket, etc., for $100 bucks...I will know more tomorrow or the next day as this needs to get towed to the shop today...


...Well, it's apart and was looking good until I seen the yoke is marred up and when the tail housing came out, so did the park prowl and it's spring..:(

..There are also a couple metal small metal chunks that came out when I tapped the tail housing on the ground...If anyone has a pic of how the park prawl pin and it's spring mount for the 5r55e, I would appreciate it...;)

...I also had my buddy pull up a previously dismissed code and it came up as = P1270 Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed Limiter Reached ...I need to look that up just to be safe and make sure it is not relative to the tranny...

..Yesterday my scanner pulled up a code = P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected...The flash frame said he was doing 148 km/h or 92 mph when the code popped up...I did notice that one of the HO2S's was reading a little high then and today I may have found the problem...

...I will post up new pics later and also both the kid's story, and his story told by his dad of what happened to the truck...It is a somewhat amusing...:popcorn:

...Picking up the tail housing, bushings, gaskets, filter and pan gasket tomorrow for 53 bucks including tax...:biggthump

..Here are a few pics I promised and as he mentioned, this just all of a sudden happened on the drive home from Yosemite..;)







...And I was like :wtf: when I seen this...Can anyone clue me in on this contraption tucked up to the bed above the rear diff???..:scratch:

Ted is that part of the fuel system? Maybe like a charcoal can or something?

I believe it is the charcoal canister. I have the same thing on mine, and I asked the same question!

..:scratch:..You know I'll be looking into what that thing is as soon as I get a few extra minutes...:hammer:

My guess is he probably hucked it on a rock while off roading where he was not supposed to :) trying to show off.

That is a real nasty dent in the drive shaft and I can't believe in how many pieces that tail housing is. What ever he landed on or scraped over (as evidenced by the gashes in the frame) it was definitely NOT a sand dune.

Yep, it's the charcoal/evap canister. Has the charcoal canister and vent valve rolled up in it.

Looks to me like he hit a rock/? in the road. Maybe tried to go "offroad" and overestimated his abilities.

Just look closely at the parking pawl and spring and tailshaft housing. It will only go together one way and work correctly. I know you can do it. ;)

Make sure you replace that driveshaft! I have seen bent driveshafts cause bad things. Knocks out seals in the trans/rear diff and can cause the bushing to spin out of the tailshaft housing.

...Thanks for the prawl pin info and I am looking for a new drive shaft as the yoke is toast too...The funny thing is I don't think the drive shaft, u joint's, mounting plate, and yoke weigh but about 10#'s together if that...:dunno:

...The boy and his folks are having a big pow wow this evening...I was informed about 4 o'clock today that I will be working on trying to get this vehicle back to stock condition and they want me to do this over the next couple weeks...The emphasis is that they want me to take a long time and they do not want to see the truck for about a month...

...In other news, I know a kid who will be going thru his Senior year without a vehicle...:p:

Serves that kid right. I am still trying to get the front end aligned after I hucked my truck. Point is, it was mine, I payed for it, I pay the registration, gas, insurance, and inspection. Therefore, I pay for all damage to it. Paying for something like that makes you appreciate it so much more.

The old extension housing is good for scrap metal. You might get about $4 for it. The market fluctuates daily, so it might be $5 one day, and $3 the next day. As far as the parking pawl, take a look at this picture from Glacier991's photo gallery:

Is this spring out?

The parking pawl has to lock onto this:

...The first pic does not look correct but the spring is the same in pic 2...:dunno:

...I learned some stuff today about the aluminum drive shaft...;)

...They are great for minimum mass at a velocity but if they get a ding, let alone a dent, they will in fact tear...A ding also means it's no longer safe and has to be replaced...

..I took it to OC Driveline in placentia and he works on a lot of race Explorer's and Ranger's, Heeps, Rock buggy's, etc...You would think that they could just cut it and install a whole new shaft well, there is some problems with this...You can only get the shaft from Dana themselves and it sounds like it's a tough job to do...

..You can have a driveline shop turn it into a steel driveshaft but it is big bucks...You can order a replacement whole shaft for $550 plus tx and that's not thru a Dealer...

...I had called over 20 JY's in Orange and LA counties and came up with only one that had the drive shaft and it also the yoke, with the harmonic balancer on the yoke...It was $218 out of an '02 Ranger....

...The place I got the tranny parts fro was Automatic Kings...

...The prices and customer support was fantastic but there was a little problem...The bushing they sold me was not acceptable as it looked cheap compared to the Ford one...I wound up going to Ford and picking it up for $10, my discounted price...The P/N was 4L5Z-7052AA...I see people looking for these often on here so I thought I would add it...;)

We got a story yet? :D

...Stories???...I got Stories...:p:

...I got done with the main objective at 7 this evening and it is now fully drivable but needs to get welded up on the exhaust...I have a bunch of info, pics, and yes, I will have the stories but I've been a busy little beaver so hopefullt tomorrow I'll post it all up...;)

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If you someone to test drive it for a few weeks..let me know:p: