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06 Ranger 5r55e carnage help

...I've got to be honest, I like driving my Ranger so much better than this 06...

..I think the biggest disappointment was the seats...They are black with a grey center and look totally *****in and comfy...They are not..:thumbdwn:

...And everything underneath the 06 is so differently built as in lite weight, and looks so fragile..:(...Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having one as a commuter vehicle but I wouldn't want to take it off road...

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...Thanks, I couldn't find any over there and I figured they would be dinged If I did...I paid for one yesterday...:banghead:

...First, a couple shameless side by sides of my 95 Ranger next to the '06 with a TT...


...I wrapped the work on this truck up on thursday..This was just the critical issues..On Friday I drove it down and got the exhaust welded up...It was so quiet when I started it up, I almost tried to turn the key again...Holy crop, this 3.0 truck with the exhaust welded up is a runner..:burnout:

...I thought I would post up some tail housing parts for others to reference...;)

...This is the tail housing...It's a 95GT and if you look at the big hole on this side, it is for the speed sensor...Some of the vehicles use it and some don't...It is important to know if your vehicle does use it before ordering..;)

...These are the rear tail shaft bushing's...The one on the left is what I first received from the tranny supply..:thumbdwn: ..The one on the right is from Ford and the part number is in an above post...:biggthump

...This is a picture of the loose parts that go inside the tail housing..

...As for the parking prawl, this is how it is mounted in the tail housing but, it actually rest on a shaft from the tranny, that goes in the hole seen in this picture...

...My finger is on that shaft in this picture...If you look just about 1 o'clock from that shaft, you will see a small hole that the parking prawl pin from the tail shaft goes into to seat these sections together..

...This is just a quick pic of the new and old metal bushing that has to be pressed into the tail housing...

...I swear the '06 fuel filler pipe is 1" and the hose is about an inch and a 1/4...How long does it take to fuel this thing up..:scratch:


All years of fuel filler lines are about an inch diameter. Remember, the fuel goes into the tank via the smaller hose inside the larger hose that you see.

It seems, on the '06 models, Ford stopped the hose-inside-a-hose style of fuel filler.

....You are correct however, it seems Ford kept the premise of 2 different diameters on one hose..:rolleyes:

...Another question about this truck...It has a key and a remote that looks like it is factory...It looks like you can just buy a key but, do you also need the remote ???

...Another question about this truck...It has a key and a remote that looks like it is factory...It looks like you can just buy a key but, do you also need the remote ???

No - on mine, all the remote does is lock and unlock the doors. I don't bother with mine - just use the key.

...Cool...This one flashes on the dash and I was worried that the key only may be a problem in the future...This vehicle was sold with only one key and remote...:rolleyes:

...As of today, the tint and stereo are getting ripped out by the shop that installed it...This truck is going to become a work truck...I was told it was going to get a shell or a cap to haul displays to customers...:D

...I asked if I could borrow it for labor day in Colorado and he knows my trucks...He just looked at me like :wtf:...Rofl...

The light flashing on the dash is some sort of anti-theft deal - the truck won't start without the key.

You can program additional keys yourself. Get the blanks off of eBay, have them cut - in the owner's manual, you will find the instructions to program additional keys. It's really simple - takes only a few minutes.

So, does this mean you are going to Colorado? If so, you need to bring your Ranger - for the pictures!

If you buy another key, you will need a PATS key, and it will have to be programmed with a scanner since there is only one other key. If it had two keys, then you could program it yourself, up to a maximum of eight keys.

I have the scanner to do it, just come for a visit. :p:

..:scratch:..I wonder if I can talk the guy into paying for my trip, if I promise to return with a programmed key or two...:p: