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06 - Strange "Venting" Noise from Trunk


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April 14, 2008
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06' Explorer V8EB Edition
The past two days of driving I noticed a weird "venting" noise coming from the trunk of my Explorer while driving. I'd heard it before, usually when I first turned on the car. It sounds almost like a pressure release, the same noise that comes out of the AC vents in the front when you first turn the AC on. But usually when I hear it, it just once, but the past two days its been repetative, like every 10-15 second, like the pressure is building up inside something and then releasing.

This afternoon I finally left my car running, opened the trunk and tried to listen to see if I could pinpoint it. It wasn't hard. The noise is originating from the vent that is on the left side of the trunk, under the buttons for the automatic 3rd row seat.


Anyone know what is behind this panel and what could be causing the noise before I go doing any disassembly?

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Here's the follow up, 4 hours after locating the noise I went to drive home from work and my AC was only blowing hot air. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess these two things are realted.

if you didnt smell anything, most likely your rear expansion valve is bad, if you smelled something, freon has a scent, then you have a leak.

Same problem

I am having the exact same problem.. Did you find out what was going on?? Mine has been making the noise for long periods of time and no cold air.

My mechanic diagnosed it as a leaking evaporator. $950 to fix, the majority on labor to remove and reinstall the entire dashboard. The part was only like 180.

The problem went away and my AC worked great for a few weeks. Now my fan only blows at full blast and wont shut off. Probably another hefty repair coat coming...

My understanding is that the units that have dual climate controls have AC components in the rear behind the panel that you took a picture of and that is where the problem is. I am not sure why they would have to pull the dash apart to replace an evaporator, but it sounds to me like you need to visit a shop that specializes in automotive ACs.

Shoot, I'm having this issue now, and it's winter. When I turn off the climate control, it stops. No way to turn on heat or A/C only. None of the mechanics I deal with specialize in A/C work. And, I don't have $1,000.00, especially for something so... frivolous. Ho, ho, ho, phooey! :(

Hi Ornery... If you can check the fill on the AC system, it could be low due to a leak in the system. You might have a leak in the lines that run along the frame rail to the rear since it has been noted in other posts that a pinhole leak develops in them due to a defective manufacturing spot in the tube.
These links should help get you started:
Troubleshooting/Replacing lines:
Rear A/C line bypass kit:
Rear A/C line leak:
This individual repaired the line:
Good luck.

Awesome FG, thanks loads!

I'll take it to our mechanic to see if he can track down the leak. All of a sudden, a hundred bucks or so for this repair sounds welcome compared to $1,000.00!

You have a great holiday. Hope Santa fixes you up good!