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07 Explorer - Audio questions and Recommendations


February 8, 2009
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2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Been lurking around this forum for a while and decided to join the fun. I am planning on replacing my entire audio system. (head unit, speakers, wiring) I have a few questions I would like to list.

1. Guides that people have done pictures would be great, of removing door panels, removing factory sub and amp, Removing head unit??

2. I used to have the large 2 sub boxes and amps in my cars but would like to avoid having all that clutter in my explorer. Can I achieve close to that much sound by replacing the factory sub and amp with some better stuff? Recommendations? I was looking at a JBL 8" sub and a 220RMS profile amp.

3. My new head unit has a wired AUX input much like my factory stereo, Will the factory plug mounted on my console wire in easily into my new unit? Just Splice the wires?

4. For my new system I was looking at 4-6x8's JBL speakers for the doors pushed by a 4 channel profile amp. And a 8" jbl sub pushed my a mono amp. I checked out 5 channel amps and the quality didnt seem as good as going 2 separate amps. Would it be better to get the 4ch amp or get a 2ch amp to push the 4 speakers, Price? can it be done?

Any other recommendations would be great. Would love to see what others have done.

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WOW those amps are pretty cheap for the power they push out. Was just doing some google research on them and its pretty positive reviews out there!

Buy this amp while it is so cheap....I used to own the Nine.1. Very good quality amps. Best amp you can find for the price probably.


I have to co-sign that these amps are great! Pretty much the best amp I've ever had to be quite honest. I have the Nine.2x


I was wondering if anyone used that compartment for the amps. I figured they would over-heat in there.

I was wondering if anyone used that compartment for the amps. I figured they would over-heat in there.

I never had any problems with over heating...

Wouldnt be too hard to put a little pc fan in there though

Btw the Alpine is pushing my 4 Pioneer Premiere 6x8's