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07 Explorer coolant system issues


January 1, 2023
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07 Explorer XLT V6, Ironm
2007 Explorer XLT V6 4.0

ISSUE: Coolant Leaking and Over Heating

A few months back I had some issues with old coolant hoses blowing out. Replace all the multiple hoses and installed new thermostat housing and thermostat.

About a week or so ago it had overheated and upon the checking there was orange foam bubbling out of the reservoir tank and there was little to no coolant in the system. Thought it was the head gasket but the oil shows no signs of coolant or water. So to make it home I cut the spring under the thermostat so cool and can slow and easy as possible.

Multiple people here on the Forum suggested to just flush the system very well and see what happens. So that's exactly what I a few days ago. Completely flush the cooling system so there's no signs of that orange foam whatsoever etc...

Last night I happen to notice that there was a slight drip coming from somewhere...

But just now as the car was idling I noticed that the temperature gauge was super high. I turned the car off and I could hear bubbling inside or around the thermostat housing. I'll let the car cool off and was able to add about a gallon of water to top the system back off.

Then after starting the engine I noticed some dripping coming off of the passenger side of the radiator on the far Edge. Also could see some dripping coming from around the thermostat housing area. I'm hoping it's not the water pump!

The water pump is still working since I can see the coolant being moved through the system with the radiator cap off...

I'm curious what your guys's thoughts are!

Do you think just now with a gallon low of coolant was enough to just make it overheat normally?

Have to work I'm going to try to get it up on some ramps and pinpoint exactly where these leaks are coming from.

Also keep in mind that a few months back when I had to replace multiple hoses etc... I ended up deleting the front and rear heater cores. So the coolant just flows through the the engine and the front of the vehicle. I just deleted the coolant for the climate control stuff

The first thing I recommend doing is checking the coolant for combustion gasses. I have seen head gasket issues where no water got in the oil but exhaust gasses would get into the coolant. The test kits can be found at any auto parts store. Once you rule this out as a possible cause, then move on to others. The bubbling in the reservoir is a sign there could be combustion gas in the coolant.

I second what 94 said. I had a Mustang GT that was pressurizing the coolant system and if ran hard, would push water out of the overflow bottle but water never entered the oil. Yes it was a head gasket.

"Do you think just now with a gallon low of coolant was enough to just make it overheat normally?"

Yes.. Especially on a hot day. Sounds like a head gasket pushing combustion into the cooling system. As stated above, check the coolant for combustion gases.